It's time to take church planting and the way we do church "Beyond the Box".
What Is An Apostolic Training And Sending Station?
Apostolic Training & Sending Stations Function As A 5 Fold Ministry Where Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors And Teachers Work Together To Equip The Saints To Do The Work Of The Ministry. Apostolic Stations, Are Part Of " The Church" With A Call To Come Along Side Other Parts Of "The Church" And Work In Unity With The Whole Body Of Christ To Move The Saints Beyond The Walls Of Our Buildings, Out Into The Community With The Training And Tools They Need To Reach And Disciple The Lost.

Our Mission : To Start Apostolic Training And Sending Stations In Key Cities In Northwest Indiana ,The United States And Beyond .


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                    Here are some of the questions we have attempted to touch on:

  • Where are the 5 gifts (apostle, prophet, pastor, evangelist, and teacher) Jesus gave the church?

  • Taking the emphasis off the church building and placing it on the people and the work of the ministry  

  • What percentage of the church budget should go towards the building and overhead vs the part of the budget for reaching lost souls, discipling, and training people?   

  • Is it the senior minister's job to do everything (be a one-man band) or to facilitate?  

  • Should the Romans 12:6-8 gifts be in operation in the local church today? 

  • Is it the pastor's job to make all nursing home, hospital, and home visits?  

  • Should all the 1st Corinthians 12:8-10 gifts be in operation in the local church today?  

  • Why are there so many jezebel spirits in the church today?


Saints, please read this prayerfully!

Keep an open mind, you may not agree with everything I say, but allow it to cause you to think and pray!!

Looking at where we are at and what we are doing or not doing is a good way to determine if there is room for improvement.

If there is someone you know that needs to hear this, please send it to them, or print it out and hand it to them!!

Let's look at something from "Within The Box" we call the church and from "Beyond The Box", what Jesus wants the church to be.  

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What you will read on the following pages are not meant to be patterns, programs or formulas' - just practical examples on how church can be done in a different way, always subject to the direction of the holy spirit.

Whenever I use the term senior apostle, senior prophet, senior evangelist, senior pastor or senior teacher I am referring to the first of each group, the oldest, the most mature, the father or mother to others within each gifting.

Part 1 Church Budget
Part 2 Building Design
Part 3 Order of Service
Part 4 Should Ministers of the Gospel be paid
Part 5 Who should pray for the sick
Part 6 Some additional thoughts on how we can improve the way we do church

Part 7 Weekly Schedule
Part 8 Sample Order of Service at Church Beyond the Box
Part 9 What is a Prophetic Moment

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