Jim and Carla Barbarossa are Apostolic Equipping Evangelists and are the founders of Step by Step Ministries. God has called Jim and Carla to PROPHECY TO THE DRY BONES, to reach the 9 out of 10 Christians that never witness and teach them how to, while at the same time releasing and raising up the gift of the Ephesians Chapter 4 Equipping Evangelist in the local church.  Their evangelism training materials and outreach tools won first place in a contest advertised in Charisma Magazine in May of 2007. These evangelism outreach tools and training materials are now being used in over 101 nations of the world resulting in the establishment of evangelism outreaches in 22 countries, over 50 new churches being planted and over 500,000 souls coming to Jesus in the last 5 years. These evangelism tools and training materials have been translated into the Spanish language and Jim and Carla are presently establishing outreaches and scheduling Pastors and Leaders conferences in Peru, South America.

In1996, God called, appointed and anointed Jim Barbarossa to teach on and blow the Shofar from a Biblical Christian perspective.  Since then, Jim has been asked to blow the Shofar to start conferences all over the world.  As Jim sounds the ancient Hebrew instrument of repentance, praise, worship and warfare, its as if we enter into the Hoy of Holies and the awesome presence of God is experienced as healings, miracles, signs, wonders, deliverances and salvations follow.

As Carla Barbarossa worships the Lord in dance, the awesome holy presence of God is ushered in and tears stream down the faces of many, as they experience the bondage breaking yoke destroying, Shalom (peace) of God.

Jim and Carla are the founders of God has commissioned them to supply shofars to God's end time army of shofar blowers around the world, preparing the way for the end time harvest and the coming of the Lord. 

Jim is an entrepreneur-businessman, and author who has been blessed with a powerful testimony and loves to teach by example.  Carla is a true worshipper and has the gift and anointing to bring people into the Father's presence through worship and dance.  Jim and Carla's desire is to help you find God's will for your life, while at the same time perfecting you to do the work of the ministry.

God has given Jim a Revelation on tithes, offerings and finances.  During February and March of 2008 God instructed him to do 5 minute teachings on tithes and offerings in his home church for a period of 8 weeks and the end result was the tithes and offerings doubled!!  People quit over spending, quit borrowing, started paying off their debts, got rid of credit cards and started saving part of what they earned.  Jim believes these principles can be applied in every church.

Jim's testimony was in the August 1997 FGBMFI (Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship International) Voice Magazine, of which he is a member.

Jim and Carla have been happily married for 38 years.  They have 4 children and 10 grandchildren.

For more information you can visit their websites at,  or call 219-762-7589.