The Birthing of the Regional Unity Gatherings Vision


In December 2012 as Jim Barbarossa prepared to speak a message at a Saturday night meeting, he kept hearing the word "Unity" over and over again in his spirit. God  then  directed Jim to go look in an old file cabinet in his garage. To Jim's amazement in the back of this old file cabinet were 30 messages Jim wrote as a baby christian,18 years earlier.  One of those messages was on the topic of "Unity" in the Body of Christ.
 Jim preached that "Unity " Message on December 22, 2012 
Here is that message:

Shortly after preaching that message the Father told Jim to call a meeting of leaders, elders and 5 fold ministers for the purpose of joining hands and working together to equip the saints to go beyond the walls of our building to reach and disciple the lost. 
On January 20th, 2013 the Father brought together 40 - 5 fold ministers representing a diversity of 12 churches from 3 Northwest Indiana counties, including the cities of  Valparaiso, Porter, Chesterton, Portage, Gary, Michigan City, St John  plus Hazelcrest and Chicago, IL.
Four things all of these people have in common is their love for Jesus, their desire for more of Jesus, a passion to reach lost souls and a hunger to see revival in our land!
One additional thing most of us if not all of us have in common, is that, in the natural, we are all too busy to even consider attending this gathering with everything else we have to do.
After introducing ourselves to each other and discussing the purpose of the gathering we started to pray as the Holy Spirit would lead.
Inner mixed between the prayers,  God spoke prophetically through various gifts, confirming his calling of this gathering and what the purpose is and what to expect in the future.
As we prayed you could sense a shift taking place in the atmosphere .
At one point a symbolic, prophetic act took place as every person stood to their feet, symbolizing the army of God rising up. This was followed by the  sounding of the shofar, accompanied by a declaration of war, as the army of God called on our leader  with a Unified shout , Jesus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There was such a freedom in the atmosphere.  It was such a joy to see the 5 fold ministry gifts working in unity complimenting each other!
I wish I could find the words to express the fullness of this experience, but this is one of those times where words can not do it.
This meeting birthed in the following locations what are now called "Regional Unity Gatherings" 

Northwest Indiana/Chicagoland Regional Unity Gatherings Portage, Indiana
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At 18 months, this is the oldest of the Regional Unity Gatherings and we are seeing strong friendships, relationships and a sense of family develop between the people in this region.  

Central Indiana Regional Unity Gathering Indianapolis, Indiana
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Laporte/St Joseph County Indiana Regional Unity Gathering  La Porte, Indiana
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Northeast Indiana Regional Unity Gathering, Angola, Indiana

South Central Indiana Regional Unity Gathering, Corydon, Indiana

Southwest Indiana Regional Unity Gathering, Paragon, Indiana

We believe these 6 Regional Unity Gatherings are the "First Fruits" of 20 or more that will be started in the state of Indiana.


Regional Unity Gatherings are not the planting of a new church.
Regional Unity Gatherings are not the starting of a new denomination.
Regional Unity Gatherings are calling God's Leaders, across all denominational lines to join hands in unity and take the Gospel message Beyond the walls of our buildings, out into our cities to reach and disciple the lost. If you are Godís leader, no matter what your title is ( bishop, elder, pastor, priest, apostle, teacher, missionary, sent one, evangelist, prophet,  youth pastor, or some other), no matter what part of the body you represent, no matter what denomination, no matter what stream, no matter what flow, God is calling us to join hands and carry His gospel into our cities to reach and disciple the lost. 

It is Time The lost people in our cities come to know God, through the love that we demonstrate for one another!! If we will come together and work in unity, God will Command His Blessing towards us! It is Time For the City Wide Church and Regional Church To Arise!
Regional Unity Gatherings  Function As A 5 Fold Ministry Where Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors And Teachers Work Together To Equip The Saints To Do The Work Of The Ministry.  Regional Unity Gatherings Are Part Of " The Church"  With A Call To Come Along Side Other Parts Of  "The Church" And Work In Unity With The Whole Body Of Christ To Move The Saints Beyond The Walls Of Our Buildings, Out Into The Community With The Training And Tools They Need To Reach And Disciple The Lost.

 To help us fulfill our mission to reach the lost, disciple them and equip the saints we have 2 Free Resource tables in every Regional Unity Gathering .

Evangelism Resource Table : This table is filled with tracts, outreach gospel  CDs, and Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books . The people attending these Regional Unity Gatherings are encouraged to take these Free evangelism tools and use them over the next 30 days to reach the lost and come back with a report or testimony of what God is doing ! 

Discipleship or Equipping Table : This table is filled with books as well as messages on CDs and DVDs. These messages are the best of the best and designed to equip or disciple the saints. Saints need a steady diet of faith building messages to be equipped and we encourage the saints to take these Free Resources for their personal growth and to then pass them on to help disciple or equip others.  

Regional Unity Gatherings provide the saints with the tools they need to reach and disciple the lost!  

United Community Outreach :
In addition to equipping the saints to be effective witnesses and disciples in every day life, we also want to bring the saints together from all the different parts of the Body of Christ in a City or Region to join hands and do, simple, yet effective outreach projects in the Community to touch lives and reach lost people! 
You can see a sampling of these types of outreach projects in the video below titled "Going Beyond The Walls - City Wide Church -
How To Go Beyond The Walls Of Our Buildings As One Voice To Reach And Disciple The Lost In Our Cities".

To see a Beyond the Walls type outreach called, "Yard Bargains Community Outreach!" go to this link :

The following 2 video messages are part of Connecting the Regional Unity Gathering Vision to a Plan that will help Carry Out the Vision.

Gods Altar of Government, Order and Gifts "When the Pattern is Right The Fire Will Fall!!"    


Going Beyond The Walls - City Wide Church
How To Go Beyond The Walls Of Our Buildings As One Voice To Reach And Disciple The Lost In Our Cities.



The Permian Basin  / Odessa, Texas  Regional Unity Gathering was Birthed on January 31st,  2015 !

If You live in Texas or a surrounding state and would like to see a Regional Unity Gathering Birthed in Your city prayerfully consider joining us when we come back to
Odessa, Texas on Feb 28 and March 1st 2015 or March 28th and 29th, 2015.
For all of the 2015 Odessa, TX Gathering dates go to this link :
Life Unlimited Church
4224 E Loop 338
Odessa, TX
For More Information :
Call Marion :432-693-6652
On the Jan 31st, 2015 Regional Unity Gathering  we had a couple drive 600 miles from another part of Texas to Catch the Vision and carry it back to their city. They drove a long way, with great expectation and God meet their expectations plus a lot more!! 
The Father has said, "To start birthing Regional Unity Gatherings all over the United States".  We can not do it alone, but are ready to come and help  "You" to establish a Regional Unity Gathering in Your city or Region.  
Would you like to start a Regional Unity Gathering in Your city?  
Want to know more about Regional Unity Gatherings?
You can Watch a Regional Unity Gathering Vision Casting Service at this link:
To Watch A Video Showing The Typical Format Of A Complete Regional Unity Gathering Meeting Click Here:


Any Questions about starting a Regional Unity Gathering in Your City give us a call 219-787-9933 or just reply to this email.
Please pass this page on to anyone that you think may be interested in bringing Unity to the body of Christ in their city or region. 
Thanks ! 
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