Send Forth a Battle Cry Releasing Confusion in the Enemy Camp

Want a Rams Horn Shofar that will release a Battle Cry that will drive the Devil crazy?
Want a Ram Horn Shofar that will pierce the Darkness and split the atmosphere?
Want a Ram's Horn Shofar with a voice that will cause the enemy to turn on itself?
Want a Shofar that will usher in the presence of God?

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Gideon and the 300
Suddenly they blew their rams horn shofars and broke their clay jars so that their torches blazed into the night. Then the other 200 of his men did the same, blowing the rams horns in their right hands and holding the flaming torches in their left hands, All shouting, "For the Lord and Gideon".
Then they just stood and watched as the whole vast army began rushing around in a panic, shouting and running away.
For in the confusion the Lord caused the enemy troops to begin fighting and killing each other from one end of the camp to the other- Judges 7:20-22

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