The Cassette Tape Is Our Most Powerful Tool!

"You can tell a good carpenter by his tools."

One tape in Jim Barbarossa's library begins with these words.  With his wife, Carla, he uses cassettes as a vital tool to enhance the work of Step By Step Ministries, an evangelistic outreach they started in 1995 after Jim began witnessing publicly to God's grace.

"I was saved in 1993," says Jim.  "Ten months later, God cured me of what the doctors called an 'incurable' blood disease."

The Barbarossa's have been spreading the Gospel ever since.

"The cassette tape is our most powerful tool," Jim tells Kingdom, Inc.  "People perceive that they are being given something of value.  Out of the thousands of people I've handed a tape, I only remember 3 or 4 who refused it."

Tapes have had an awesome impact on those who encounter the Barbarossa's.  Carla gave a tape to a cashier at a convenience store.  Before leaving the store, the woman had prayed with Carla to receive Christ!

Jim has had many similar experiences.  Once he wanted to give a tape to a man who was in his office on a service call.  "I didn't have any tapes," says Jim.  "I started to panic, but the Lord said, 'just tell him what's on the tape.'  So, I shared my personal testimony."  The man actually followed Jim home to get a copy of the tape and ended up accepting Jesus!  "His wife called me later and said, 'This is the first weekend my husband hasn't been drunk in 13 years!' "

Another time, Jim was about to enter a restaurant and started to pocket a tape aimed at an unsaved listener.  "But then I felt the Lord wanted me to take a tape for a backslider," relates Jim.  Having learned to trust God over his own impulse, he switched tapes.  Carla felt led to ask their waitress about her spiritual condition.  She was, they found out, the backslidden daughter of a pastor.  The waitress gladly received the tape and the Barbarossa's prayers.

One woman was even touched by a copy of a tape that she found partially preserved in an old answering machine at a garage sale!  "I believe," Jim declares, "That if people simply use the tools God has given us, churches everywhere can grow by 300, 400, 500, even 600 people."

When Jim and Carla went to David Miller's church, two-thirds of the congregation committed to give a tape a day for the rest of their lives in order to reach the lost.

Says David, "Jim really stirred things up with his message entitled Tools.  He also brought with him 150 copies of another of his messages, entitled Do You Ever Feel There's Something Missing In Your Life?"  With Pastor David's blessing, Jim challenged the congregation to give away at least one tape every day.  "Within just a few days," remembers David, "All 150 tapes were gone!"  Many people in the church have continued this commitment, including Pastor David.

To receive copies of their tapes or talk to them about visiting your church, reach Step By Step Ministries at 219-787-9933.

It's no accident this tape is in your hands."

More than a personal story to tell, Jim had some excellent words of encouragement to pass on to others who serve the Lord in tape ministry.  Our thanks to the Barbarossa's for this powerful list of ideas:

1 - The title for your tape is very important.  When he hands out his tape entitled, Do You Ever Feel Like There Is Something Missing In Your Life?, people tell him, "Yes, I feel that way all the time."  Response to this tape has been incredible!  (Editor's note:  This tape had an incredible impact on Living Faith Christian Center in Connecticut.)

2 - Place importance on the tape as you pass it on to others.  Tell them, "It is no accident that this tape is in your hands."

3 - Have specific tapes for specific needs.  "We have tapes for people who are sick," says Jim, "people who are backsliders, as well as those who are lost.  We have tapes on many specific topics."

4 - Make special short tapes.  "Sermonettes" of 10-15 minutes in length keep the listener's attention and make them curious to know more.  You can also put 2-3 of these short messages on one tape, perhaps with testimonies in between.  This makes it easy for busy people to listen in "bite size chunks."

5 - Commit to give away one tape per day.  Make it a lifestyle!  And ask everyone in your church to make the same pledge.

6 - Keep the cost low!  "Tapes to reach the lost should be free," says Jim, "or a dollar at most."  He encourages churches to "take care of Jerusalem" by creating a "war chest" offering for local outreach.

7 - Put testimonies on your tapes.  "Definitely have a tape with your own testimony on it," says Jim.  "It will absolutely touch people."


These tapes are designed for Christians to use as tools to minister the gospel to people they meet every day (as-they-go) through life.  When you buy these tools, you are saying, "God, I'm ready.  Here I am.  I have the tools.  Use me."  And He will!

(Jim's personal testimony to reach those that need a physical healing and the greatest healing of all, Salvation.)

(To reach the lost)

(To reach the person that knows God but has no relationship with Jesus.)

(To reach the back-slider.)

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