Below, you will find chapters 6 and 7 of the book "Do You Know God's Will For Your Life?"  These two chapters teach on the gift of the evangelist in the local church.

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Stir Yourself Up
This 4-Cassette Tape Series is designed to keep Christians stirred up and focused on being effective witnesses.  The messages include:  Mini Sermons by Evangelist Jim Barbarossa (10 Messages to Stir Up, Motivate, Activate, and Impart the ability and the desire to tell others about Jesus!  Great tool for local Church Evangelist); Evangelist Come Forth by Evangelist Jim Barbarossa; "Hell" The Sermon That Has Disappeared from our Pulpits by Evangelist Freddie Gage; "Tear for Souls" by Evangelist Freddie Gage.

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