Commitment and Discipleship

What is the most important part of Discipleship?   

The most important part of Discipleship is Commitment!

Jesus could not have made disciples had they not committed to follow him. The commitment Jesus asked for was simple.

Follow me! As people followed him, they were discipled. They learned to be imitators of Jesus!

The strength of what we teach is also based on commitment!

It is not as strong as the 3 year commitment that Jesus required, but it has been proven very effective. We have been able to effectively
disciple a couple hundred people over the last 3 years as a result of getting the following commitments!

We have found that,  if a Christian will commit to write out their testimony and commit to share it daily, that this commitment sets the stage
for the Holy Spirit to disciple them!

The first thing we challenge people to do in our discipleship teaching is to commit to write their testimony and be a part of a
Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Book or their own Testimony Flyer.

The second thing we do is challenge people to  carry 2 copies of the Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Book or their Testimony Flyers
in their hand every time they leave the door of their home and every time they get out of their car.

The third thing we do is challenge them to ask the Holy Spirit to help them in the giving away of the Testimony books or Testimony Flyers!    

The commitment to carry the Testimony Books or Flyers, joined with the commitment to ask the Holy Spirit to help them, sets the stage for the Holy Spirit to be active in their life!

If a person is always carrying the Gospel message with them in the form of a Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Book or Testimony Flyer, then they are always trusting in the Holy Spirit to help them! This gives the Holy Spirit total access to all their Time and Daily Life!

Sons and Daughters of God are led by the Spirit of God!

What we accomplish during our 12 Discipleship Sessions is getting a strong commitment from the person being discipled to allow the Holy Spirit to lead them into Living a Witnessing Lifestyle!

When the Holy Spirit comes upon us we will be His Witnesses!

Watching the 12 Discipleship Videos is Good, but on their own  it is not enough to make a disciple!

It is the joining together of the videos and the commitment to write, carry and use your testimony that will help you to be a strong disciple of Jesus!

This is so Important!  That we want to Freely help You!

If you will write out your testimony, we will help you put it in a 3 fold flyer like in the ones pictured below.  

To Help You get started Today, you can email us your testimony

in the body of an email. We will Lay it out as a  3 fold flyer, design a title page, edit it and send it back to You! It is that easy!

Then all you have to do is take it to a local print shop and have copies made. We recommend using heavy weight Color Bright Paper. The Brighter the Colors the Better!

Here are some suggested guidelines for writing your testimony:

·         Part 1 - Describe what your life was like before coming to the Lord. How you were raised. Where you were raised. What your family life was like  etc etc etc   

·         Part 2- Tell how you came to the Lord.

·         Part 3- Describe what your life is like now. Describe the changes between part 1 and part 3.  Brag on God and what he has done for you! Paint a picture with your words!

·         Finish by signing your testimony with your first name.  

·         If you wish to give the reader your contact information, please use a phone number or e-mail that would remain active for many, many years ahead.  

Do not worry about a title.  We will take care of it.

Do not talk in Christian language. Talk or write in plain simple English. Remember your audience is a lost soul. Your purpose in writing this is to reach lost souls. Do not preach! Do not teach! Do not share your pet doctrines! Simply share what Jesus has done for you and will do for the reader. 

Do not push or slam any denominations. Do not drop names of important people or places. Use only first names if you refer to other people in your story.      

The length of your written testimony should be no more than 1500 – 2000 words.

To get started today! Type your story in the body of an email and send it to


For more information about using Your Testimony to reach lost souls

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If you would like to watch the 12 part Discipleship Video Series on line. Just send an email to with the words “Discipleship Video Link “ in the subject line.

Please pass this information on to people in your sphere of influence !

God Bless You!


Jim and Carla Barbarossa
Step By Step Ministries
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