Missionary in a Box

When Real Life Stories Lighthouse Christian Testimony Book Displays are placed in business locations they become Mission Bases!

Every book becomes a Missionary!

The words “Free Take One ” on the Book Display, along with a Beautiful book cover attract the attention of business customers causing them to pick up the book and “Freely, by their own choice or will” take it home!

It is not pushed on them and by their own choice they will read it!    

This little Missionary has now gained entrance into a person’s home and life!

As the person starts to read the book the little missionary will be used by the Holy Spirit to now gain permission to enter the person’s heart!

Over the years, many people have received Jesus as Savoir as a result of picking up and reading these “Free” Books.

Would you like to reach lost souls in your city?

These Mission Bases (Book Displays) can be placed in businesses in your city!

These Mission Bases (Book Displays) bring Light into darkness!

Such as the Book Display we placed on top of a cigarette machine in a liquor store.    

Have you been asking the Father what your ministry is?

This may be your answer!

This is easy!

This may be just what you have prayed for!

You can do this!

Listed below are some of the places that we have gotten permission to put Book Displays:

 Barber Shop - Beauty Shop

Auto Repair Center - Brake Repair Center

Tire Center - Oil Change Center

Auto Parts

Tax Preparers Office

Insurance Agents Office

Funeral Home

Doctors Office

Dentist Office

Chiropractors Office


Credit Union

Laundry Mat

Dry Cleaners

Bowling Alleys

Movie Theater

Liquor Store


Bar and Grill

Tattoo Parlor

Tanning Salon

Smoke Shops


Pizza Parlor


Coffee shop  

Grocery Store

Convenience Store

Gas Station

Fruit Market

Resale shop



Police Station

City Hall

Hardware Store


Health Club

Boys and Girls Club

Any place with a waiting room is a great place!

Our Christian Testimony books are very affordable to use. For more on the cost of books go to this link:


If you would like to be a part of a Christian Testimony book you can read about submitting your testimony at this link:


Any questions call 219-762-7589 or email jim@step-by-step.org

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Jim and Carla Barbarossa