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Hello Ministry Friends
For about a year God has been telling us to cut back on our outreach operations in the nations of the world and do more in the United States of America. 

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We sense a real urgency to shake up the church in the USA.
A need to push the saints beyond the walls of the church and teach them how to bring in a harvest of lost souls in the USA. 
Fact: 97% of all born again Christians have never led a lost soul to Jesus Christ, and it is simply because they never tell any lost people about Him.
The United States is probably the hardest nation on earth to reach lost souls.  You need something to get people's attention. 
Over the last yearwe have searched for and developed 6 CD's that can be used by Christians to give to lost people to win them to Christ.  The six CD's are all done by different people that God has anointed to speak on various topics . 
The 6 CD's all have full color graphics to make them attractive to this visual generation.
Here is a little information on the 6 Outreach CD's:

CD #1 has 2 messages on it. 


Message #1:  "DYou Ever Feel Like There ISomething Missing IYour Life?"   

 It speaks to the void all people have with in them without God.  It tells the listener nothing the world has to offer can feel that void, only Jesus. 

 Message #2:  "Are You A Good Person?"  

 It tells the story of the man named Cornelius and how he was a God fearing man, a man that knew God, a man that did all the right things, a man that prayed, a man that give alms, but God sent an angel to him to warn him there was more and he needed to find out what it was. 

(This CD is also available in Spanish ) 

#2  has 1 message titled "Sex Has A Price Tag"

It is a straight forward talk about the price a person will pay, if they have sex outside the vows of marriage.

#3 has 1 message titled "Words of Comfort"

It speaks to the intellectual, atheist, and agnostic.  It is a great tool to reach college and high school students and those caught up in chasing the reaches of this world.  It also is very effective as a gift at funerals.

CD #4 has 2 messages


Message #1 is "Death" - DYou Ever Fear Death?
 It is the story of a police officer that was killed, declared dead, and placed on a stretcher in the morgue.  The police officer tells the story in his own words of how he got off that stretcher and shocked everyone.

Message #2  "Death Stories"
hese stories are shared as told to a heart doctor by people he brought back from death through medical resuscitation.  The doctor shares the terror he saw on people's faces as they died.  These are true stories shared by people the doctor brought back to life.

CD #5 has 2 messages on it 

Message #1 "Hear What A Science Teacher Says About Creation, Evolution, Dinosaurs and Much Much More"

 Message #2 "Hear The Findings From A Scientist Who Studied The Bible For Years From A Scientific Perspective
This is a must for the intellectual that has to try and figure everything out.  It also is a great tool for reaching brilliant minds. 

This CD is great for all audiences

#6 has 2 messages  


Message #1:  "Seven Questions Intelligent People Ask?"
his CD is often picked to be listened to by people with a spirit of pride; people that think their education or intelligence is all they need.

 Message #2:  "Does God Really Exist?" 
o many people are looking for the answers to this question and will listen to this message in hope of finding the answer.

After developing the above CD's, we developed a new DVD that can be used on PowerPoint or a DVD player to instruct the members of the church how to take the CD's into the community, how to use them in everyday life and give them to friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, etc., etc.


This faith building moments DVD is based on the scripture"Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God"'
It contains 14 short exhortations designed for PowerPoint use to build the faith of Christians to believe God can use them to reach the lost through the distribution of CD's as outreach tools.
The 14 short messages touch on topics like:
  • How to reach a neighbor with a  CD 
  • How to reach a  family member with a  CD   
  • How to reach a co-worker with a  CD   
  • How to reach a friend with a  CD   
  • How to use CD's in everyday life everywhere you go  
  • How to place CD displays in area businesses
In most of the short messages, we share a story of an actual person that was saved through the use of CD's as outreach tools.
This method of reaching the lost using CD's as outreach tools has been proven over and over again.
Any church can do this.  Any ministry can do this.  Any person can do this.  It works; faith does come by hearing and hearing does come by the Word of God on CD's!!!!!  


Because of the urgency that God has placed on our hearts to shake the church in the United States, for a limited time we are going to make the 6 outreach CD  masters and the faith building moments DVD master above available at no cost; FREE to any church or ministry that will use them to equip the saints to share Jesus  Christ with the lost. 
We will also make them available at no cost, FREE to any person that will put them in the hands of a senior pastor to prayerfully consider using them.  If you know a church or pastor that can use this, please send your request today.  

To request the 6 Free master CD's and the Free Faith Building Moments master DVD, please make a $10 donation to cover shipping and handling at this link and provide the following information:


  •  Ministry or church name  
  •  Complete postal mailing address  
  •  Your land phone  
  •  Your cell phone  
  •  Your web site  
  •  Your email address

Saints, please pray:

  • That God will touch the hearts of pastors, leaders, and church members all over the United States to request and use these great effective evangelism tools to reach the lost in their cities.  
  • That God would touch the hearts of some of you reading this email to request and use these great evangelism tools in their church and area.  
  • That God would use these tools to bring in a harvest in the United States. 

Thank you again so much for praying, and we look forward to working with you to bring in the harvest in the United States.

May God richly bless you! 


Jim and Carla Barbarossa  







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