The following letter was received from a young man that had been working as an evangelist for about one year.  During that year, he saw only three souls saved.  After applying the ďEvangelist Come ForthĒ teachings and using the ďToolsĒ series of cassette tapes as a new method to reaching the lost, he saw fifteen souls saved in just a few weeks.

 The young evangelist simply took the tapes and gave them to people to listen to.  He would wait a few days and go back and talk to them.  He says after hearing the tapes, the people were ready to receive Jesus.

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 The above picture is the young evangelist, Jerry Musafiri, and his family.  The following is what happened in his work.


Dear Jim and Carla Barbarossa,

I thank you for your testimonies and I take this opportunity to give you also mine.

 Bref, Before to receive Jesus Christ in my life, I was born in very Christian family, but I never knew the Lord Jesus.  I use to attend the church with my parents but I was a sinner, I liked drinks, prostitution so much.

 So, one day, my colleague told me about the Saviour Jesus Christ, He said if I receive Jesus Christ in my life, all my sins will be forgiven and I will become a new creature.  I accepted and my life has changed now.

 Since, I started my work as an Evangelist, I met so many trials because 3 persons only got saved within one year; As I was un happy that many peoples donít accept to receive Jesus Christ, I decided to go to the course of Evangelist.  Then, when I was an internet making some research where I can make that course, I found your website and I directly write to you.  Fortunately, you answered me and you make me to continue my work as an Evangelist.

 Your tapes helped me a lot especially about your testimonies and it surprised me to see how people get saved in a few days only after receiving your tapes; because through them, it was very simple to reach some one after hearing the tapes.  May God bless you in sending more cassette as it helps me to fulfill my desire.

 After I explained to my Pastor all situations, he was so happy to encourage me and he founds that this work is so big, so he looked for some evangelists in our local church to help me in the future work of Kingdom of Jesus.

 We are ready to preach allover the country using your tapes, even to travel in neighbor countries.

 Following to a Sunday meeting I had with my Pastor, after showing him the results of your tapes he advise me to ask you if itís possible to start your ministries here in Rwanda because we found that this vision of using tapes is a new vision to us and it works very well.

 Now I want to show you the results of the work:

-         In 32 tapes, 15 persons was saved which 2 refused to give their pictures and one of them is sick right now he is in the hospital.

-         In our country, we use three languages:  Kinyarwanda (local language), French, and English

 The problem I met is that all tapes was in English language if possible try to translate a half of them in French language and in Kinyarwanda language.

 Please send us more books and other tapes to help Christians.

 God Bless You,

Jerry Musafiri


The following are some of the fifteen people saved during these few weeks of applying this new outreach method of using cassette tapes.


I am Ndaya Mbaje Sylvin.  I was very surprised when my girl friend came to me and say that she going to keeps God Laws and she said no more breaking Godís Law even the small one.  I thought maybe she joking the time of going with me to our job, she refused to go with me itís when I start realize that it must be something wrong with her.  Our job was swindling using all means possible to get money.


So I tried to found out what happened to her.  Jerry met me at my girl house try to ask her whatís wrong and Jerry gave me a tape that changed my life.  I received Jesus as my saviour.  I donít know many things about him, all what I know is that now I can find a living with out swindling and my girl friend and I are feeling more comfortable than before.  I believe if you keep on praying for us Jesus will do something bigger in our lives.


I was sitting in my house in evening somebody came and knocked my door.  I opened the door the young man told me that he is a preacher.  We started to talk about Jesus and I received a cassette from him.  I look for him with so many questions about Jesus Christ.  After hearing the tape I discover that there is something missing in my life.  The following day he came back to my house he told me about Jesus then I received Jesus Christ as my Savior.


Odette Munezero


Hello!  I am Inongo Innocent Doctor Assistant.  I was encouraged by Jerry to listen to a tape he gave to me from you ministries.  I had no hope in my life as I tried many things to make me happy but all in vain.  By the time I received your tape I was trying to get peace from boozing and my life didnít change.  I took the tape put it in the radio and sleep.  After two days by accident I played the tape and started to listen to it.  After listening to two sides I discovered my real problem and I new where to find peace.  I received Jesus.  My life seems now to be changed but not totally because I still feel again boozing but other Christians are busy praying with me.  I hope my Christian life will go on.


I am Peter Ndahura a businessman in Remera Kigali.  I had a cassette from a brother Jerry and I listened the cassette the preacher talked about something missing but for me I like sports so much.  After listening the tape I went to my bed but within four hours, I was confused in my mind and I started to hear like a voice in my heart to go to church.  I rang to my Christian friend and he prayed for me now I have Jesus I feel good.


One week ago, I received a cassette from Jerry.  He told me to listen to it.  After listening, I had time to meditate upon the words.  I made a decision to receive Jesus Christ in my life because according to the message, I realized that Jesus Christ only can fill up the empty in my heart.  Now I belong to Pentecost Church Kigali.


Any Mukaruziga


My name is Jeanine.  I was born in a good rich family.  Iím living with very good neighbors, and I thought that is enough for me to be party of the Kingdom of God because I have no problem with people.  I couldnít understand why I can be condemned if I didnít accept Jesus as my King and Saviour.  After listening a message from your tape, I found it necessary to receive Jesus in my life and I listen the story of a rich man.  I realized that I was like this rich.  I received Jesus as my King Lord and Saviour now Iím born again Iím  happy to be saved through your message even if I donít know you.  Iím ok now.  I have nothing missing in my life from now and ever.


I am Zawad Umutoni, born religious believing in religion of Moslem my father is a leader in the religion.  I didnít never have peace in my life.  I was always feel that there is an empty place in my life.  I was always feel that there is something missing in me.  I didnít know what was.  After receiving Jesus through your tapes Iím now feeling a big changed in me like I use to feel always fear couldnít know where it coming from now all itís over.


My name is Agnes Akizanye.  I got your tape from Jerry.  I tried to listen carefully to it three times and decide to change my way and receive Jesus completely and stop playing with the devil.  I got saved long ago.  I enjoyed to go to church every Sunday but I didnít share my faith with others.  I didnít even abandon my paganist habits I had before I got saved.  After listening this tape I start weeping I called out to Jesus for help I invited him to come and stay into my life and help me so that I wonít sin no more.  I see now that something is happing in my life.  I continue to pray all the time so that God can forgive me.  Forever I dedicate my life time to Jesus I believe, I will never turn back any more.


I want to also to give my testimony.  I have been a sinner for a long time.  Iíve been alcoholic.  Four  days ago thatís when I received a cassette from a friend.  He told me to listen to it but I had no time for it.  I just kept it until I was at my place that I want to check on it.  I saw the writings on the cassette that do you ever feel like there is something missing your life.  I was so terrified I wanted to know what I really was missing so I put on the cassette.  I found really I was missing Jesus and I accepted him as my redeemer and saviour.  I had something like a rock that was taken away from me by confessing with my mouth that Jesus is Lord.  I believe in my heart that God raised him from the dead and I will be saved as says in Romans 10:9 and also in Matthew 24:13.


I really appreciate this cassette I got from Jerry.  I thank God I will love and serve him as long as I live.  Please send us more tapes and books of testimonies which can help us in prison.


Godrey Ntukazayajemo


My name is Grace Mukansoro.  Iím 18.  I was a slave of sex, smoking, and alcohol.  I was half dead.  I tried to make money but yet I had no peace.  I always feeled an empty place in me and then I get the tape from a friend.  After listening many times, I received Jesus in my life.  Now Iím in the right way to follow the Lord of Lords.  So my life began to change.  Iím sharing my faith with other friends.  I think God is going to help me to carry on in this new life.


My name is George Bataringaya.  I was a Christian for 10 years but never sharing my faith with other and had fear to testify my Lord Jesus.  After knowing what happened to you and how far you are now in Jesus Christ after hearing all testimonies through you tapes and book I decided to follow Jesus for ever and I believe that my life is going to be drived by Jesus and I will be very happy to be sure that I now belong to the Kingdom of God.


Iím Robert Bagorozi student at Lycee of Kigali.  Iím Rwandese stay in Kigali City.  I was listening to your tape given to me by Jerry.  I had no peace.  I was a man of many problems.  I was hopeless.  After hearing your testimony I decided to follow Jesus.  Iím looking forward to see Jesus miracles in my life.  Iím now two weeks old in this new life of following Jesus and I started feeling happiness that I didnít feel before.  I know that God knows me too and Iím now on my way to heaven.  Pray for me and I pray for you so that we can meet one day in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ.


Dear Jim,

 Gladly I want to give my testimony about the love of God and his only begotten son, Jesus Christ.  In the past I used to be very depressed and sometimes I wanted to commit suicide.  I heard voices in my heart which I am convinced came from the devil.  There come a moment that my brother called Jerry brought me tape.  By listening to this tape I was touched by the joy and love of Jesus and I accepted him as my personal redeemer and saviour.  My depressions were gone in one moment, even before I realized it.  Now I am so happy in the Lord.  For only Jesus can take away your sins by his accomplished work on the cross where he died for you and for every body else, so that you will receive eternal life in heaven after your life on earth is finished.  If you seek him you will find him.  For Jesus says in the Bible, He that seeks shall find and to him that knocks it shall be opened and everyone that asks receives.  He is seeking over the whole earth for whose hearts are longing for him and he knows who you are.  So, I really appreciate your tapes.  I beg you to send us more that can help us to save more people.

 Yours in Christ,

David Sabune



 Hi.  Sorry my English is very poor.  I canít write many things.  Briefly I was busy listening to your tape I received through Jerry and hearing your testimony.  I found that the struggle you passed through is the same one Iím passing through today.  I decided to follow that Jesus you are talking about and see if within one month my life will change.  This is the last thing Iím going to try and see (try Jesus).  If this Christian life canít fill the big empty place I have in me and then I will die forever.  Please try to send some tapes in French or Kinyarwanda.  Itís better we are struggling to hear English.

 Jean Bahati



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