Follow Me and I will make You a Fisher of Men

Jesus wants to Disciple You!

Jesus wants to teach You how to share Your faith in Everyday Life!

Are you ready to answer the Call?

If Yes , Follow us, as we follow Christ and we will mentor You! We will teach You! We will equip You! We will teach
You how to share your Faith beyond the walls of the church out in Everyday Life!

We have taught hundreds of people and we make ourselves available to teach You!

Would you like to be mentored? Would you like to be discipled?  Would you like to be taught how to reach lost souls in your city?

Get started right now by watching this video :


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After watching the above video and praying over all the connecting links if you want us to help you to be an effective
witness for Jesus send us an email to :  or call us at 219-762-7589.

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Jim and Carla Barbarossa