29 Inch Giant Rams Horn Shofar


Super Rare - One of a Kind - Enormous Ram Horn Shofar - Huge Mouth Piece

Huge Ram Horn - Front View

          Enormous Rams Horn Shofar - Side View                    Extra Large Rams Horn Shofar with Great Shape

    Large Easy to Play Mouth Piece                                     Very Masculine Natural Finish

Very Unique Black / Cream Striping

This Giant Moroccan Ram Horn measures 29 1/4 inches at its widest points, around the curve. 
This is one of only three 29" Rams Horns that we have ever seen!
With its Huge Mouth Piece it is Easy to Play.  It produces a sound equal to its giant size. This horn is a real screamer.
You will want to call to hear this one of a kind, trophy sized collector's shofar. (219) 250-2187

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