Healings, Miracles, and Testimonies

 God Sets the Captive Free

We received a call a few days ago from a man that manages one of the Free Public Access TV stations we air on. He said that his brother had been addicted to heroin for 10 years. That he had tried everything to help him. He said about 2 months ago his brother watched a Step By Step Ministry TV program on the subject of healing. During the program God set him free from heroin and he has been clean for 2 months. Thank you Jesus! "The Anointing Breaks the Yoke"

Miracle at a FGBMFI Meeting

At the alter service of a FGBMFI meeting a woman came up for prayer. She was having problems with her knee and back. I bent down to start praying for her knee first. When I touched her knee the Lord gave me the scripture in Acts 3:1-8, which is also a song. So I began quoting it. Peter and John went to pray, they met a lame man on the way, he was begging for alms, they said we have none, but this is what Peter did say. Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have give I to thee, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk. Then I asked her what did he do? She said he rose up and walked. And I said then what did he do? She said he went walking and she barely finished saying it when she started jumping up and down and praising God, walking, and leaping and praising God. There was such joy on her face. Praise God she was healed. Then the joy of the Lord came on her and she was laughing and it flowed on to me and I began laughing. Our God is an awesome God.

Healing at First Christian Church

During the alter ministry a sister came up for prayer. You could see the pain as she spoke. She had been in this pain for four years. She had major back surgeries and was at the end of her rope. As she cried out to God and we prayed with her, she bent over and touched her toes, as she straightened up you could see a difference in her countenance. The pain was not visible on her face, she said as she rose,"The pain is gone. The pain is gone. It doesn't hurt anymore!" As she walked around you could see the joy on her face. She went outside and walked up and down the steps. She yelled "There is no pain, Pastor it's gone, I am healed!"

Hitchhiker Healed

During a vacation, I felt led of the Lord to pick up a hitch hiker. His leg could not bend and he had a hard time getting in my truck. He said he was going to a bar a few miles away. I did not want to take him to a bar but I felt God was in it so off we went. He told me he had been hurt 18 years earlier and that's why his leg would not bend. As we went down the road, God spoke to me to tell him that God had not given up on his leg. So I told him. We went down the road a little farther and I was impressed to tell him again. About that time I felt to tell him how God healed me of an incurrable blood disease. As I finished my testimony he said this is where I get out.  As he got out I said God has not given up on you and I'm going to pray for you. He got out and headed toward the bar, stopped, turned around and came back to my truck. He said when you pray, pray for my back, the nerves were damaged and that is why my leg does not bend. As he walked back to the bar I jumped out of the truck and said I want to pray for you. He said now, right here on the street in front of this bar? I said Yes! He said what will you do? I said, I will lay my hands on you and ask God the Father and His son in Jesus name to set you free, to heal you. He said "Do it". So I prayed. I felt God's power all around. After praying I took him by the hand and said I believe God is going to do something for you. I went back to my truck where my father-in-law was waiting and watching. He said what did you do to that man? I said what do you mean? He said the man just went  past the bar and is going back in the direction we brought him from. The Power of God kept him out of that bar! At that time I looked in my rear mirror and saw the man going down the road. Guess  what he was doing! He was shaking and bending that leg that had been damaged for 18 years. The power of God set Him FREE! God sent a man 500 miles, to pick this fellow up and pray for him. That's the love and power of God.