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In October 1996 Jim and Carla went to Kenya as the worship leaders for another ministry. When they got there, they saw hundreds of posters on every building and telephone pole.  To their amazement, they, Jim and Carla, were listed as speakers for a healing crusade. Totally unprepared, Jim and Carla were split off from the group. It was at this point that God gave them four messages on Equipping the Saints for the Work of the Ministry. During one of the meetings, it was prophesied that Jim and Carla would not see the fruit of these meetings until they got home. After they got home the good reports came forth.

  Pastor Moses: My people are excited, they are hearing things that they can relate to and practically apply to their own lives ! They can't wait to come back tomorrow. Thank you Lord !

Pastor Jackson: I have already had people tell me, pastor, I have not been obedient to God's voice, I know I need to make changes, I need to do what God tells me. Jim and Carla, do you know what God is doing here through you?
God is equipping the saints for the work of the ministry. Praise God !

Bro. George: We give glory to God for the message He put in your heart for us. It brought deliverance ! Healing ! And has set the captives free. The church of God has been highly uplifted.

Pastor  Solomon: Just to mention the fruits of your labor, there was a woman with a limb problem and her daughter was paralyzed. After you had prayed for her you told her to go home and lay hands on her daughter. As she prayed the miracle of healing met them. The daughter came on Saturday to church for worship just after you departed. She got saved! And won! She continues well. Belonging to God! Amen!

Rev. Ongero: There were two notable healing miracles that God did in those meetings.   1. There was a woman of about 65 who came to the meeting who had been sick for many years. She had been in the hospital. You prayed for her to receive healing. Instantly she received her healing. She doubted her healing so she did not say. She went home and slept nicely without pain. She realized that God had touched her on Friday. She came with a powerful testimony which excited everybody in the church.   2. Another miracle. After this woman received miracle of healing. The following day she went to her neighbor and testified to her what the Lord had done in the meeting after prayer. That neighbor had a daughter who was admitted in the hospital and was seriously sick. That neighbor came to the meeting on Tuesday. You prayed for her and directed her to go and touch her sick daughter who could neither walk nor sit. She left the meeting, she went directly to the hospital and touched her daughter and instantly her closed throat and ears were opened. After 2 days she gained strength and came to church with a powerful testimony and gave glory to the Lord.

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