In January 2008, God Spoke to Jim to go to his Senior Pastor and Volunteer to Receive the Sunday Morning Offering for the Months of February and March. For 9 weeks Jim Gave a Short 5 Minute Teaching Before Receiving the Offering. God Filled Jim's Mouth With a Fresh Revelation About Tithes, Offerings, and Finances. The Results Were as Follows:

  • People That had Never Tithed Started to Tithe

  • People That Tithed Erratically Started to Tithe Faithfully

  • People That Never Gave Offering, Gave Offering

  • People Started to Save Part of What They've Earned

  • People Stopped Charging Things

  • People Started Paying Off Their Debts

  • People Started Getting rid of Credit Cards

  • People Started to use Godly Wisdom Concerning Their Finances

**Tithes and Offerings Over Doubled**

The Bible Says Where There is no Vision People Parish.

We can Apply This Same Principle to our Finances, Where There is no Plan our Finances Parish

The Bible Also Says to Write the Vision and Make it Plain.

Every Christian Needs a Written Plan on how They are Going to Handle Their Finances, "A Budget". To order Jim's 2 DVD Set on Tithes, Offerings and Finances Click Here

To view the parts 1-3 of DVD #1 of the Set on Finances Use the Links Below.

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