What's been said about
Step by Step Ministries

C.I. Pastor Leon Walters

G.C.M.F. Pastor Steve Perry

G.C.M.F. Pastor Hal and Phyllis Culberson

A.F.C.M. Pastor Ron Lebsack

C.O.G. Pastor Dale Combs

Pastor Joe Stauffer

R.M.A.I. Pastor Larry Herbert

A.O.G. Pastor Don Fisher

R.M.A.I. Pastor Terry Cooper

Drs. Jerry and Sherill Piscopo

Pastor Jim Green

Pastor James Walk

A.O.G. Pastor Donna Oglesby

W.O.F. Pastors Duane and Linda Bryant

C.I. Pastor Audrey McCoy

A.O.G. Pastor Mark Wachtstetter

A.F.C.M. Pastor Timothy Whitehead

C.I. Pastor Mike Mulvaney

C.I. Pastor Diane Reynolds

A.F.C.M. Pastor Tommy Giles

E.A.C.M. Pastors James and Sharon Randolph

A.F.C.M. Pastor Douglas Crader

A.O.G. Reverend Roger Dean

Pastor Gregory Hitchcock

G.C.M.F. President Roy Allebach

C.O.G. Pastors Arthur and Linda Garcia

RHEMA Pastor Michael Waitt

C.O.G. Pastor Mark Gill

Apostle Leon Cosey

C.O.G. Pastor V. David Lucas, Jr.

A.F.C.M. Pastor Vern Peltz

C.O.G. Pastor Carl Shutlz

A.F.C.M. Pastor Don Parker

Apostle Dr. G.E. Bradshaw and Pastor Angela Bradshaw

C.O.G. Pastor Bishop Greg Griffith

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