Greetings Pastor


Please allow me just a few minutes to introduce myself. If you do not feel the Holy Spirit in this by the time you read the 3rd paragraph just stop reading.


I am Apostolic Equipping Evangelist Jim Barbarossa. I have been Called and Sent to the body of Christ for a very specific purpose.


 For Many Many Years the Church has Known the Tent Evangelist, the Healing Evangelist, the Crusade Evangelist, the Television Evangelist, the Traveling Evangelist and the Revivalist. The Evangelists that the church knows mentioned above are not doing anything in connection to the local church. They are not equipping the saints ,they are not teaching the saints how to share the good news ,they are not teaching the saints how to share Jesus with their neighbors , families, co-workers or  friends ,and for the most part, most Evangelist are not part of or submitted to or under the authority of a local church.  Ninety Nine Percent of the Churches that we have Visited in our Years of Ministry, Have no Evangelist in the House and there are no Equipping Evangelist to be found anywhere!

God has called me to go into local churches and teach on the gift of the  Equipping Evangelist. As I teach, the Holy Spirit is at work identifying  who the Equipping Evangelists are . I have found over the years of teaching on this subject that they are always in the house , they just need some one anointed to pull it out of them. I have never taught on this subject that we did not activate several people into their calling .

At my home church when I arrived there 6 years ago there  was no Evangelist in the house. Today, we have six actively working in the church and several more in training.

It is the job of the Equipping Evangelist to teach the members of the local church how to reach the lost !!!!!

It is the Senior Ministers job to provide a platform for the Equipping Evangelist to do his job.

If my Pastor had not recognized the call and anointing on my life and had not made room for me to do my job we would still have no Equipping Evangelist in the house.

By the way, when I joined my church 6 years ago only 3 % of the members were active in sharing their faith , today 40% to 50 %   are active in sharing their faith .

Pastor, Would you like to have an Equipping Evangelist in your Church?

Pastor, Would you like to see 40% to 50 % of your people sharing their faith regularly?   

Pastor, if your answer to the above questions are yes please give me a call or email me so we can discuss how to make this happen.

Pastor, I would be glad to help you to activate the Gift Of The Equipping Evangelist in your local Church so he can teach all the people in your local church how to reach the lost.

 219- 787- 9933

Please help us to get this letter and this message out to as many Pastors as possible. Please prayerfully consider sending a link to this page to every Pastor that you know. Your help could open a door that would lead to identifying, releasing and raising up of a Equipping Evangelist in some local Church, leading to Christians being taught how to share there faith, leading to souls being won for Jesus.