Poland - The Shofar and the Harvest

During our 9 day bus tour of Poland, Carla, Ed and I sounded the shofar and shared the Gospel message. 
We took 110 CD's with the Gospel message in English. 

We took 1000 Shofar tracts in Polish


As well as 110 Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books


As the shofar was seen and heard it opened the hearts of people to receive the Gospel message on the CD's, Tracts and Testimony books.
Carla, Ed and I gave CD's, Tracts and Testimony Books to over 500 people!  We only had 1 person refuse to receive a Testimony Book.

This set the stage for Carla, Ed and I to share our testimonies with several English speaking people and lay our hands on and pray for
people suffering with different medical conditions.

We taught one night on the Shofar while in Poland and had 6 people answer the Call to Sound and use the Shofar as a Tool for the Harvest. 

They say a picture is worth a thousand words!  Take some time and allow the following pictures to speak to you!!