This Shofar Man exclusive hand woven red prayer shawl in a poncho style is the closest garment made today to a true biblical Jewish tallit.  It is made by Gabrieli and comes with a bag and kippah. 

50" Poncho Tallit w/ Bag & Kippah
Now Available in 5 Colors




Tallits are usually a solid rectangle shaped piece of material.  This 50x80 inch poncho style prayer shawl has a split that runs half way up the length, allowing it to be easily worn as a poncho or robe.

This style tallit is the closest we have found to the original tallits of Bible times as described in the teaching found at this link:


This New Hand Woven Wool 50" x 80" tallit is made in Israel by Gabrieli.  The Talis comes with a matching bag and kippah.

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