New "Real Life Stories Inmate to Inmate Christian Testimony Books"  
The Best Tool Or Resource For Prison Ministry


This book is already being very well received in the prison and jail system . Chaplains are excited about it and calling and requesting cases to be used in their locations. Prison Guards are asking for it and Inmates are writing us for copies. 
In only 7 short weeks, 287 cases, 17,220 copies of the Real Life Stories Inmate to Inmate books have already gone out, to either jails, prisons, juvenile facilities or people in prison ministry in 61 cities in 25 states in the United States, plus 2 cases went to Bancroft, Ontario, Canada, 2 cases into Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada, 3 cases to  Innisfail,  Alberta, Canada and 6 cases to Leon, Mexico.  
Lacombe, Alberta, Canada
Martinsburg,  West Virginia
Innisfail, Alberta, Canada
Leon, Mexico  
Jackson, Michigan  
Detroit, Michigan.
Leveland, Texas
East Greenwich, Rhode Island
Alameda, California
Bancroft Ontario,Canada
Frankfort, Indiana
Tacoma, Washington
Winston Salem, North Carolina
Sheridan, Indiana
Florence, Kentucky
Cocoa, Florida
Hastings, Minnesota
St.Joseph, Missouri
Titusville, Florida
Flint, Michigan
Janesville, Wisconsin
Chula Vista, California
Eufaula, Alabama
Chicago, Illinois
Laporte ,Indiana
Phillipsburg, New Jersey
Morgan, Vermont
Pendleton, Indiana
Trenton, New Jersey
San Diego,  California
Fairfield Bay, Arizona
Green Brier, Arizona
Mansfield, Texas
Verona, Pennsylvania
Moose Lake, Minnesota
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Plainfield, Indiana
Westville, Indiana
Winchester, Tennessee
Gillett, Pennsylvania
Newark, New Jersey 
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Crown Point, Indiana 
Logansport, Indiana 
Auburn, Maine
Benton Harbor, Michigan
Woodville, Mississippi 
Muskegon, Michigan
Carson City, Michigan 
St. Louis, Michigan
Newago, Michigan
Toledo, Ohio
Norristown, Pennsylvania
Beattyville, Kentucky
Penetanguishene, Ontario, Canada
Nashville, Tennesse
Youngstown, Ohio
Plainfield, Illinois 
Rock Springs, Georgia 
Gatesville ,Texas
Warren, Michigan 
Michigan City, Indiana


Saints please pray over these books, the ministries using them, the prisons and jails in these cities and the inmates that will read them.

Fact or Statistic about books in Prisons and Jails :
Each book that makes it into the prison system will be read by 30 people !! 
So if we print 120,000 books for use in the prison system and each book is read by 30 people, over time a total of 3,600,000 ( 3.6 million )  people will have read the Real Life Stories Inmate to Inmate book, just from that one printing of 120,000 books .    
This Seed will produce a Big Kingdom Harvest !

To order Inmate to Inmate books go to this link :

If you would like to read and pray over the Inmate to Inmate book, you can request a free electronic copy by sending us an email with "Free Inmate Book" in the subject line. Send your request to


Testimonies About Inmate to Inmate book:
To :Step By Step Ministries
Bro. Jim: 
 I have very much enjoyed Inmate to Inmate book.
I have given my life to the Lord!
I would like to read how others have experienced the life transforming power of God.
Thanks for your ministry and dedication to help others!
Your friend in Christ,
Milton,  Florida  

To :Step By Step Ministries
Bro. Jim:  My wife and I went to the woman's prison on Thursday morning and did a walk through to hand out the Inmate to Inmate book to all 168 inmates in hopes they would read the book before our service on Saturday night at 7:30pm. 
Well we had 15 women who came forward to accept Jesus for the first time and over 60 for a rededication to Jesus.
It was a great time in the Lord and thank you so much for sending the books .
I'm sure they helped in getting so many women to come out for the service,  along with preparing them to accept Jesus when the altar call was given.
We all had a part in that service!
Thanks again for all that you do to help us ministers that are in the trenches and on the front line.

Chaplain John

Saints , I want to point out to You ,Chaplin John's Words from the
above testimony :
"We all had a part in that service.!"
Saints ,
If you prayed over the books?
If you prayed for the cities the books have been sent to?
If you prayed for the ministries using the books?
If you prayed for the people receiving the books?   
If you gave to financially to support the books?
You are a part of the All   !!!!!
You share in the fruit of this Harvest !!!
Thank You !!!!

Inmate to Inmate books are  a Tool for Fishing :
Jim, the Inmate to Inmate book becomes a fishing tool for God to use to go before us. 
The inmates read it, then want to hear what we have to say.
The Inmate to Inmate book helps get them to come out to the service.
Thanks for the support.
I will get you a few more prisons to send books out to soon.
Chaplain John


If You Are Involved In  Prison Ministry Prayerful Consider This :
Use the format the Chaplain John used above .
Take  the " Real Life Stories Inmate to Inmate Christian Testimony Books" to the prison a few days before your next time of ministry . Give one to each inmate.
 Allow the Holy Spirit to start a work in the inmates heart before your time of ministry.
Allow the Holy Spirit to use the gift of the book to draw people into the meeting that normally would not have come .
Allow the Holy Spirit to use the book to cause people to want to hear what you have to say !
Try this New Way Of Fishing ,  there is nothing to lose and Eternity to Gain !! 

Inmate to Inmate Books Bring Hope :
To Step by step Ministries
I am currently incarcerated at a county detention center in Florida .
I have been here since Sept 2 ,2012. I'm 33 years old and I am facing a capital murder charge . 
We recently got a few copies of the Real Life Stories Inmate to Inmate book.
I grabbed a copy and read it. In the last year and a half, I have become reborn and close to God . 
The reason for this letter is to simply say, Thank You!
Thank You, for writing a book that gives a person like me, in my situation, faith that things can and will get better!
Thank You 


To :Step By Step Ministries
Bro. Jim: 
 I have very much enjoyed Inmate to Inmate book.
I have given my life to the Lord !
I would like to read how others have experienced the life transforming power of God.
Thanks for your ministry and dedication to help others !
Your friend  in Christ ,
Milton,  Florida  

To Step by Step Ministries :

Brother Jim:

For nearly 6 weeks we have been passing out the Inmate to Inmate testimony books.  I serve at a male, maximum security prison.  Many of the men will never leave the prison.  We are not allowed to freely pass out religious literature to the men.  If a man asks for a Bible or religious literature we can give it to him.  We are allowed to leave literature on tables at the rear of the chapel.  Some would say this is too restrictive but the Lord still moves behind the walls of the prison.  His word does not return void!

 On Easter, an inmate came to me to talk about the “book he  took from back of chapel.”  He told me about the stories in the book.  “I don’t read too good.  Words gets all mixed up in my head.”  I asked, “ how do you know about all of the testimonies if you do not read so well?  “I haves my celle (man in his cell with him) read the stories to me at night when we get locked down.”  His cell mate is a convicted murder, serving life without parole and he never attends any religious services at the prison!  Blew me away!  The Lord is using someone who is not a believer and could care less about Jesus to read testimonies to a man who is hungry for God and cannot read!  Please don’t tell me the Lord is restricted.  All we have to do is be obedient and work within the rules of the institution.  HE WILL FIND A WAY!


 An Ex-convict serving God

To : Step By Step Ministries
Dear Jim ,    God Bless You and Step By Step Ministries
Mark 16:15  "He said to them .Go into all the world and preach the Good News to all creation . "
I Praise God for Your Obedience To The Calling He Gave You !
in His service
Inmate of a Michigan Correctional Facility
Attached to this letter was a $50 donation from this inmate. Praise God that will buy 100 more Inmate to Inmate Christian Testimony Books .

To :Step By Step Ministries
Bro. Jim,
I live in a City with much crime....I gave a copy of the book, inmate to inmate, to three men released from prison.  They have given their lives to the Lord and after reading the book they are so ready to live for Jesus.  In Church every Sunday.  I have been led to also share them with others either released from Jail and Prison to young men on their way to jail if they don't change. For me it is a witnessing tool that I can use on the streets to reach others.  I want to reach them before they get behind bars.  Thanks so much for your faithfulness to the calling and work of the Lord.  YOU ARE DOING KINGDOM WORK AND NOT CHURCH WORK. God is using you in these last days so that HIS PEOPLE will be without EXCUSE.


To :Step By Step Ministries
Hello Apostle Jim,
 I want to thank you so much for the Evangelism packet you sent me.
The inmate book is phenomenal! It bless me like it was my first time hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ . I want inmates in Pittsburgh, PA to have the books and experience the ever present Hope of Jesus Christ!
Sis Shawna

To :Step By Step Ministries

Bro. Jim,  Just as I felt in my Spirit, God has anointed these testimonies for such a time as this and the Holy Spirit will touch the hearts and lives of many in this Great End Time Harvest and you Are making a huge impact. I pray the Lord will continue to send those around you to help support this calling from the Lord on your life.

 Chaplain John


To: Step By Step Ministries

Brother Jim

I got some of the inmate to inmate books from the chapel.  I have given them to other inmates on the unit I live in.  One memorable moment was when a Muslim approached me as I was sharing the book with another inmate.  He recognized the picture on the cover because he had been reading it himself.  I do not know how he got the book.  However, he commented that the stories in the book were awesome!  I found this interesting with him being a Muslim.  So the book is reaching across religious boundaries and ministering to people that we may not have considered interested.  Thank you so much for your willingness and obedience in this mission that God has called you to and we are privileged in some small way to be a part of.  As you already know, only heaven or eternity will reveal the impact this book is having.   Sincerely, Tobias

To:  Step By Step Ministries


I wrote one of the testimonies in the inmate to inmate book.  I was surprised to see it in print.  I am doing life without parole plus 180 years.  My family lives far away and cannot travel to the prison often.  So when I get a visit from my daughters it is very special.  Last week I received two of the books from the chapel.  I saved them to give my daughters.  But when they came for the visit I got so excited that I forgot the books in my cell.  Once you leave for the visit if you do not go or show up late you loose the visit.  I asked God to help me somehow.  I went to an officer and explained that I had forgotten the books in my cell.  He could have turned me away.  But I found favor and he allowed me to run back to my cell to get the books.  I mention running because that is a difficult thing for me to do because I have a prosthetic leg.  But I got back in time for my visit.  When my daughter learned my testimony was in the book she said: “Dad it looks like God just keeps using your life to reach others outside the prison walls.  That’s amazing!”  David

To:  Step By Step Ministries


Pastor Jim:

I remember when you and your wife came to preach and blow the shofar!  I still remember when your wife danced before the Lord to the song “I can only imagine.”  As I read the inmate to inmate stories I now believe God can forgive me also and use me to reach other men in this prison.



Hello Step By Step Ministries


I am one of the men who wrote one of the testimonies in the book.  I forgot about writing it a long time ago.  I did not know the book was in our prison!  When I went to church the books were on the table.  I got two books to mail to my mom and sister.  It will be my mother’s Day gift to her.  She stood by me when I was doing bad things.  I want her to know her prayers have been answered and my life counts for something good now.  It is the best mother’s day present I can ever give her.  Please do not use my name.


To: Step By Step Ministries


Thank you for the book

I am an inmate locked down in a segregation unit because I tried to hurt people in general population.  I have no TV or books to read and I do not get visits from family.  I made a lot of people mad at me before I came to prison.  I have a lot of time to do nothing in the cell and it started driving me crazy.  I had thoughts about just killing myself to get it over.  A volunteer came by my cell and gave me the inmate book to read.  I read all of the book.  I like the stories of people like me.  It gave me hope.  I asked God please save me and help me to change.

Anonymous – State Prison


To order Inmate to Inmate books go to this link :

Saints, please pray over this page and this book!

Together we are making a difference!!
Jim and Carla
Jim and Carla Barbarossa
Beyond The Box Regional Gatherings 
An Apostolic Training and Sending Station
Chesterton/Porter,  Indiana
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