Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Target Audience Books

Step By Step Ministries, is partnering with people just like you to develop a complete line of Real Life Stories target audience books to speak to lost people in their area of passion 
and at the same time to give people like you a tool that you can use in your specific area of ministry. 


Below are some of the books we are going to be developing over time:

  • Real Life Stories - Inmate to Inmate                   

  • Real Life Stories - Motorcycle Edition         

  • Real Life Stories - Sports Edition                     

  • Real Life Stories - Stars Rich and Famous 

  • Real Life Stories - Truck Driver's Edition

  • Real Life Stories - College Life                                                 

  • Real Life Stories - Teenager Edition                                        

  • Real Life Stories - Women's World

  • Real Life Stories - Veteran's Edition

  • Real Life Stories - Classic Cars Edition

  • Real Life Stories - Senior's Edition     

  • Real Life Stories - Florida Edition  
    (We will do one of these for every State in the USA)

  • Real Life Stories - Local Church Name Here  
    (We will work with and design books to meet the need of local churches and ministries across the USA) 

The idea is to give people easy to use, inexpensive tools in their area of ministry to reach their target audience with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. \

Remember these books do not yet exist in the physicalat this point they are a vision that God has given us and we are taking the first step to bring each book into existence.


The following are the 5 target audience books we are presently working on


The Inmate to Inmate Christian Testimony Book features the God Glorifying testimonies of 30 inmates that have been
 saved by the grace of God and now are willing to use their stories to bring a message of hope to other inmates
20,000 copies of the  Inmate to Inmate book were printed in March of 2014. 20,000 more were printed in May of 2014.
 Go to this link to see how God is already using it.

 This book will have in it testimonies of 30 bikers or motorcycle enthusiasts that have come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, 
are passionate about reaching lost people that love their motorcycles
This book will be a great tool for Christian bikers to share with unsaved bikers, and a great tool to use at motorcycle rallies and events.
It speak volumes when you can point to your picture on the back cover and your page number in the book, and hand it to another motorcycle lover. 
We have received and accepted 2 testimonies of 2 ex 1%ers for this book . Praise the Lord ,God is bringing the right people together to accomplish his will on earth .

This book will have in it testimonies of 30 truck drivers that have come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior,  who care enough to want to reach out to lost truck drivers in America. 
It speak volumes when you can point to your picture on the back cover and your page number in the book, and hand it to another truck driver . 
This book will be a great tool for Christian truck drivers to carry with them and give away to unsaved truck drivers as they cross our nation. 
Displays giving away free books can be placed in truck stops all over the nation.

 This book will have in it testimonies of 30 classic car buffs that have come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior,  
are passionate about reaching lost people that attend car shows and events. 
It speak volumes when you can point to your picture on the back cover and your page number in the book, and hand it to another classic car collector . 
This book will be a great tool for Christian classic car collectors to share with unsaved classic car collectors and people that attend car shows.    

This book will have in it testimonies of 30 people that have come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior,  who are veterans to be used in ministry to other veterans.
This book will be a great tool for Christian veterans to share with unsaved veterans 
It could be made available  at all VA hospitals and clinics and used in many patriotic events such as parades. 
It speak volumes when you can point to your picture on the back cover and your page number in the book, and hand it to another Veteran . 
We have one person that has contacted us and said they are praying about being a part of this book .


Please read the following very carefully and prayerfully

We are already getting a lot of emails and some calls from people in ministries wanting to be in books that target their area of ministry.  Some have even shown an interest in being in 2 books

This shows us that people in ministry or people passionate about reaching lost souls see the value of being in a book of testimonies  and being able to give it to people in their area of ministry.  This will be a tool they can use for the life of their ministry.

We have successfully printed and used Real Life Stories books to reach the lost for about 7 years.

We were able to print 100,000 copies Real Life Stories - Volume 3, and it made its way into 102 nations of the world.

Recently God gave me the idea of doing a book for inmates, then truckers, then motorcycles, then veterans and classic cars.  Besides the 5 books pictured above, God has given me ideas for another dozen target audience topics.


I know nothing about any of these areas of ministry, but I do know how to organize people'Christian testimonies into a book  
and get it printed so it can be used to reach the lost.


At this point we have successfully done 5 books and we know how to do more. 

We are to facilitate this, make it happen, so other ministries can have these great tools to use in their area of passion and ministry.

We get nothing out of this in the natural realm, but in the spiritual realm we will hear, "Well done obedient servant",  and we will meet people in heaven and some will say:

"Thank you for the book of Inmate to Inmate."  

"Thank you for the book for Truckers." 

"Thank you for the book about Classic Cars." 

"Thank you for the book about Motorcycles." 

"Thank you for the book for Veterans."  

"I read it and gave my life to Jesus!!!!! 

That's what we get out of it!!  We are willing to do our part and hope others will do their part


For each person that submits their testimony, we will need emailed to us:  

  • Each testimony typed out in a Microsoft Word document, emailed to When you receive notice that your testimony has been accepted for a book, you will then do the following...  

  • Email a picture in a .jpeg file uncropped, unedited to Jim

  • Fill out and send your book release form back to Jim in one of three ways: by emailfax it to 219-787-8033, or mail it to Jim Barbarossa 815 S Babcock Rd ,Porter In 46304

  • The story of each person should include detailed times and events specific to that target audience book, life before Christ,  
    how they met Christ, and what Christ is doing for them now.

If you are involved in any ministries related to the target audience books above, your help getting this information into the hands of someone else that you know involved in that ministry would be appreciated!

This is a stretch for all of us.  We have said yes to God and will do our part.  If you have any questions in regards to this, I can be reached at 219-762-7589, and please ask for Jim.  


  • For 30 sold-out witnessing Christians to respond and quickly write and supply their testimonies for each of the above new target audience books.   

  • For hundreds or even thousands of other Christians to catch the vision for this so we can develop other target audiences, even some specific to their city or area.   

  • For Christians that have been afraid to share their faith to say"I can do this; I want to be a part of a new target audience  book.  

  • Cover this in prayer as the Holy Spirit leads you!!

  • For everyone receiving this email to send it to all their email contacts 

  • For Jim and Carla to have the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of the Lord in regards to the next step they are to take in developing more books to be used in cities all over the USA and Canada.

  • If God wants YOU to write YOUR testimony for use in one of these new target audience books.  

Please forward this to everyone you know!!

Also, please forward this email to every person and ministry you can find on the web that has anything to do with the topic of the 5 new target audience books.  

Thank you and God Bless you,

Jim & Carla Barbarossa
Step By Step Ministries




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