How writing our Testimonies and being in the Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Book has
changed our lives and helped us to learn to lead witnessing lifestyles!

Below, you'll find what a person said about how being a part of the Real Life Stories Lighthouse Edition 3 Christian Testimony book and
Regional Unity Gatherings has influenced her life and the Impact it is having on people she meets daily!

I now have a boldness to talk to people about Jesus!

Hi Jim & Carla,

 I have been an ordained minister since June 1993, I have been involved in many different forms of ministry from Assoc Pastor, counseling, worship leader and leading a support group for 10 years etc.  Yes, I have spoken to people about God through the years but I had not had the courage or boldness to share my testimony daily in everyday life. Since the start of the NWI Regional Unity Gathering, I have a boldness to talk with others about Jesus and what he has done. Writing my testimony out helped me to remember what Jesus did in me and putting it in into the Real life Story book has helped me to see the need to be a witness wherever I go.  Plus it opens doors to talk with people!

When I hand someone a real life stories book they always accept it and thank me for it.  I usually ask God in the morning to give me a person to bless and I believe this activates my faith to see the hand of God moving in my life.

Here are a few experiences where God set things up. A few weeks ago my husband and I were in a hotel and we were praying together.  I asked God to give me someone to bless with a book.  Right after I spoke that prayer, a knock on our door came and it was a housekeeper. We talked to her and gave her a book.  As simple as that sounds, that would not have happened had I not been involved with the Unity Gathering learning how to live a witnessing lifestyle.

Another time I had prayed for someone to bless. While at lunch with a friend, I gave the waitress a tip & book. She started to weep and tell me her life storm, that she was going through. That was a divine appointment.

To me it isn't about how many books I give out. Itís about the ones that are ready to receive them.  I know and have experienced that God is at work preparing peopleís hearts to receive the real life story book to lead them to Christ.  That is what is exciting to me!

The Unity Gathering meetings also have encouraged me and given me opportunity to use the gifts that God has placed in me.

This witnessing lifestyle has stirred a fire within me to go beyond the walls of my fears and talk to people around me.



Below you'll find what a another person said about how being a part of the Real Life Stories Lighthouse Edition 3 Christian Testimony book has influenced her life and the Impact it is having on people she meets daily!

 I praise God for this Witnessing Tool!

Dear Jim and Carla,

I praise God that you invited me to join the others who shared their testimonies in Lighthouse 3.

I have been semi-bold in my witness over the years.

When people asked me how I felt, I softly answered, "I'm blessed."

Then I was encouraged to say, "I'm blessed and highly favored." People would look at me and give me the eye that I was an arrogant Christian and walk away. The Holy Spirit inspired me to add, "I pass it on to you." Now when people ask, I respond with my sermon in a sentence, "I'm blessed, anointed, deeply loved, highly favored, healed from head to toe, and I pass it on to you." This phrase opens the door to bless people every day.

Now that the book is in my hands my boldness has quadrupled!

I pray for divine encounters and am excitedly amazed who crosses my path. The most books distributed in one day was 36. Even my 12 year old granddaughter asked to give away a book. She did in Cracker Barrel.

Today was an exciting adventure. I joined my retired teachers for our monthly lunch at MCL Cafeteria in Speedway, Indiana. I gave 3 books to teachers and one to the waitress. Within an hour one teacher had read my chapter and asked me to speak at her church women's group in June on how I coped with the death of 5 loved ones in 6 weeks.

As I was leaving MCL, the ambulance arrived for a young man. I decided to sit with his girlfriend on the bench since she looked young, scared, and alone. She is 2 weeks pregnant. I prayed with her. Then offered to take him to the ER to get help when he refused the ambulance (no money). I asked him if they had eaten and they said no and had no  money. I bought them lunch at Long John Silvers. He knows that he has a call on his life to serve God. I zapped him with as much knowledge I could think of to fuel his faith in God. He had never heard of divine encounters but he knows what one is now. His eyes grew larger and larger and his smile wider and happier by the time I took them into the ER. These 2 people will never be the same. I gave them a book.

I gave 2 books to the Ambulance drivers. I thanked them for their service. I told them that the medics who came to my home when my son-in-law died in his sleep was so traumatic for them, they had to receive counseling. My daughter was left with 2 little girls and the baby was born 6 weeks later. 

Since I was in the area of my school, I stopped there to gather my personal belongings. Funding was frozen for me to continue working as a Title 1 Tutor. I was missed by staff and students. I gave out 10 books at school, yes at school, to the staff. One teacher was deeply touched since she lost her aunt last month and she had to put her dog to sleep this week. She needed comfort and hope. One tutor asked for 4 books because she had 2 deaths in her circle of friends and family. She knows the power of the book since she read the one I gave her when she had a death in her family a month ago.

I count 17 books distributed in one afternoon. Praise God for divine appointments.

I have learned to take books with me. When I forget, I still have divine encounters and walk to my van to get more. 

I praise God for this tool. I have experienced divine encounters with strangers needing to know that Jesus loves them. I enjoy giving them words of encouragement from the Holy Spirit. These words are exactly what they were asking God in prayer.  I have been reconnected with people from my past who need this book. 

If I don't give a book to someone each day, then I feel like I'm slacking. 

So far no one has rejected a book

The manager of one store asked me not to give his employees any more books. They don't allow soliciting. I informed him I was not selling anything. He allowed the 2 employees  to keep their books. The one girl was thrilled about being given a book and was telling her friends at the registers about it. I had spoken God's love into her and she felt like a princess for the first time. I believe those 2 books will be read by many employees. I wanted to say something nasty to the manager, but I held my tongue, smiled, and walked out. This did not discourage me from distributing books. I pray for that manager.

Yes, the Lighthouse 3 Book has helped me become a witness, to listen to the nudging of the Holy Spirit to bring hope to the people around me. My love language is gifts so I enjoy giving books to people. I average a case a month (2 books a day), if not more.

Thank you Jim and Carla for allowing me to share how the Lighthouse 3 book has influenced my life.

God bless this ministry.

Ruth Esther Vawter

Below you'll find what another person said about Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books and the April 2014
Shofar Manís International Gathering and the Impact they had and are still having on her life!

I have never felt so Alive and Full of Purpose!

Shalom Jim and Carla :

Here is my testimony on how the April 2014, Shofar Manís International Gathering and the Lighthouse Edition 3 Testimony book have changed my world.

Before I ever meet you (Jim & Carla Barbarossa) the only time I talked about our Lord was either in church, in the Jail where I ministered to women or if someone else started the conversation.  I know this sounds crazy, but I was afraid to talk to strangers in the outside world for fear of rejection or ridicule.  I know the Lord says fear not, but I think most of my problem was just a lack of understanding.  My imagination couldn't come up with a way to introduce my faith without feeling like I was being over bearing, pushy, or any other excuse I could come up with.  Bottom line, I had no one to mentor me, no experience and no courage or boldness.  In fact if the truth be known, I felt totally burnt out and dead in my Christian lifestyle.   

A few years back I attended my first International Unity Gathering and then began attending Regional Unity Gatherings every month after that.  I watched closely as Jim would teach and also bring in other teachers to help grow and nurture the good news that had been deposited into me so long ago.  I first learned how to evangelize in those unity gatherings, and then because the meetings were designed to encourage you and cheer you on, I began one step at a time to reach out to others.  Unity gatherings gave me a platform to work on but never to fall off.  People are always there to cheer you on, just like a great big cheer squad.  

I began giving out books and loved how handing someone a gift could make them feel special, loved and set apart.  Then to know that when they got alone, just them and the book that the Holy Spirit would do the rest.  That God would show up and their atmosphere couldn't possible stay the same.

Just this simple act of handing someone a book with scriptures intertwined in the pages gave me a since of peace and purpose.  

I was later asked to write my story (testimony) to the glory of God and have it published in the Lighthouse 3 edition.  You  can see my picture in the bottom row, right hand corner.

That has been a life changing event for me.  It has given me a whole new purpose in life.  It has rekindled the fire for my first love, Jesus.  I wake up in the mornings wondering who the Lord will put in my path today that I can share with them what the Lord has done.  For me, the most awesome thing that I have felt is knowing that what the enemy meant for bad, our God has turned to good.  Those very things that I kept secret, hidden in a dark place, in which Satan tried to use to destroy me with are exposed so that the light can shine. 

I have never felt more alive and with purpose than I do today.  It's not the fact I am in a book, it's the fact I now have a tool in my hand to share with others.  To bring to them hope, faith, and the free gift of Jesus. 

My husband Jim and I went on vacation to California in January of this year.  It was a vacation of a life time.  I've been on many fun vacations with family and friends before.  But nothing that had such meaning and purpose as this one.  I have never come home feeling so alive and like I truly accomplished something as I did on that vacation.  We gave out over 60 Real Life Story books in 4 days. 

Starting from our home town all the way to California.  I have never met so many people, and got to witness such transformation in them as I did that trip.  It gave me such a faith boost.  I'm so ready and watching to be able to do that again every day.  I watched as my husband smiled from ear to ear as he handed people the gift of hope, love, peace and joy.

Our vacations will never ever be the same again.

It's contagious.  Now people that go on outings with us want to join in the fun.  It's like Christmas every day.  Only Jesus reaps the rewards of our giving.  What could be any better than that.

Blessings to you both,

Joann Spaulding