Testimonies about the blowing of the shofar:

Sept. 1998  F.G.B.M.F.I. Holland Michigan
Brother Roy: I have had pain in my right shoulder for a long time, I could not lift my arm
above my shoulder.  When you blew the shofar the pain left! I can lift my arm without pain.  I am healed.

Sept. 1998  F.G.B.M.F.I. Dinner Meeting Holland Michigan
Man healed said:  I have been having trouble with my legs.
When you blew that horn God healed me!

May 1998 Cleveland, Ohio

Man healed said:  I have been in pain for over twenty days.  I was hurting so much
that I wasn't going to come to church tonight.  I only speak Spanish, when the man (Jim Barbarossa)
was speaking I could not understand him.  But God spoke to me and said when he blows that horn
something great is going to happen.  As soon as he blew the horn, the pain left my body.  I am healed.
 You see I can move my arm and shoulder without any pain. God has healed me!

Feb. 1997  Cold Water, Michigan
"Woman Set Free"  She said:  I have been bound by fear for over 15 years.  When the shofar
was sounded that fear left me, I have been set free.  I feel so good, I'm free!

Oct. 1996  Kenya, Africa
Sister Phanice: The blowing of the trumpet ( shofar ) you
brought here didn't just make a noise, It declared  "Victory!".
Demons were cast out ! Captives were set free ! It revealed that
God is reigning in our city in a mighty way. Since you left we
have been having wonderful testimony about healing, deliverance,
people being set free from evil powers, and the Holy Spirit is
leading people from one Point of Glory to another.

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