Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books

Smiling Faces, is what we almost always see when we give people the gospel message with Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books.

People of all ages receive Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books with a Smile!

People of all ages will often comment: “I Love reading books“ or

“I just finished a book and was wondering where I would get my next book and here you are handing it to me!”

Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books make it easy for anyone (the fearful, the shy, the backwards, those that have never been taught) to learn to share their faith in everyday life. We can teach anyone to learn to live a witnessing life style through using these books. Yes!  Anyone!

It is easy! It is simple!  All you have to do is commit to carry 2 copies of  Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books with you, every time you leave your home, every time you get out of your car and allow the Holy Spirit to open the doors for you to give them to people you meet in daily life.

Here is what 3 people that accepted the above challenge now have to say:

Person 1: I now have a boldness to talk to people about Jesus!

Person 2: I praise God for this Witnessing Tool!

Person 3: I have never felt so Alive and Full of Purpose!

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Would you like to see hundreds or even thousands of “Smiling Faces" of people receiving Real Life Christian Testimony Books in Your city, state or nation?

We can teach any church, ministry or group how to develop a Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Book to use in their city, state or nation.

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Look at that Smile! People love to receive Gifts so why not give them a gift that can last forever!

Give them a Gift that does not look Religious or Churchy that the Holy Spirit can then use to lead them into Eternal Life!

Ask the Father right now to show you the faces of each person that He wants you to give a Real Life Stories Christian Testimony book to. Go ahead pray,ask Him!  

Now, right down the names of each person he showed you!  

Carla and I spent 12 days along the east coast recently between St Augustine, Florida  and Savanah, Georgia.

Day 1 of our trip went something like this.

We gave book 1 to the driver that took us to the airport.

Book 2 to the sky cap that checked our bags at the airport. He commented how his wife was in a storm!

Book 3 to the hostess that seated us at the restaurant for breakfast. 

Book 4 to the person that waited on our table.

Book 5 to the cashier as we purchased a bottle of water.

Book 6 to a person that sat next to us on the airplane.

Book 7 we left it inside the airplane magazine in the seat back pocket.

Book 8 and 9 one to each stewardess.

Book 10 van driver that took us to get our rental car.

Books 11,12 and 13 to the 3 people working the counter in the rental car store.

Books 14 to18 to the people working at Dunkin Donuts. We simply gave a book to the girl that served us and asked how many of you are working today. She said 5 so we gave her 5 books. She passed them out to each worker.

Books 15 and 16 went to the 2 people that checked us in at the hotel.

Book 17 was given to the hostess that seated us for dinner.

Book 18 was given to the waitress that took our order.

Book 19 was given to the young man that carried our food to the table.

Book 20 was given to another person that was cleaning off tables.   

Book 21 was sent to the kitchen with tip and a note thanking the cook for the great food!

Books 22 to 25 were given to store owners or workers as we did a little shopping.

Book 26 was given to our hostess that seated us for dessert later that night.  

Book 27 was given to our waiter.

This is now, a typical day for us when we travel. It was not always easy for us!

We had to work on it! We had to experiment with it!

We had to and still have to, push past the fear the devil tries to put on us to stop us!

We have had to Learn to Hear and Obey God’s Voice!

Friend, would you like to have days like this?

You can! If you are willing, the Holy Spirit can and will teach you!

Do you want to get started today?  If yes, keep reading!

Pastors and Ministry Leaders would you like the people God has entrusted to you as part of your team to have days like this?

They can! If You, will take the steps to make it happen!

Look at this store owners “Smiling Face” in the picture above. She was so thrilled to get the Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Book. She was so thankful!

We sent 3 books with the young ladies in the above picture with them, back to France.  Look at those “Smiling Faces”!

On our 12th day we returned to the airport to fly home. As we had lunch before our flight, we gave book number 300 to the lady that served us!

Yes, you heard right we shared the love of God with 300 people during that 12 day period and many of those people told us after reading the book they were going to pass it on to a spouse or friend.

During that 12 days, we only had 1 person say they did not want the book. But on the other hand we had a young man that got a book one day, who came and talked to us the following day and repented of his sins and received Jesus as Savior!

Praise the Lord!

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Thanks for Praying Saints, Your prayers are much Appreciated!


Jim and Carla


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