Evangelism 4-DVD Set
(The Gift of the Evangelist, Tape & CD Outreach, Using Your Personal Testimony to Reach the Lost, and How to Become a Witnessing Church)
The Gift of the Evangelist 2-CD Set $19.99
Tools for Evangelism 2-CD Set $19.99
Testimony Tracts
Examples of how people can use their personal experiences with Christ in a written format to share Jesus)
Real Life Stories Book
(Example of how a church can put their personal testimonies in a book to reach their community with the Gospel. This book was the winner of a worldwide contest for best evangelism ideas.)
Outreach Tools
(Duplication Encouraged. Our best CD, tape, and tract for witnessing.)
Take 5's 2-CD Pack 
(5 minute mini messages to motivate the saints to share their faith.) 
Take 5's DVD
(10 Five Minute Video Clips To Motivate The Saints To Share Their Faith.


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