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INDIA - AUG. 2007
Dear, Jim and Carla, God is doing tremendous miracles through the step by step tract and tape outreach in India. From Jan. 2007 to Aug 2007 the bible college graduates have reported over 11,835 souls receiving Jesus, through use of tracts and tapes. These souls are now regularly attending church services and bible studies. Now this is just in one small region. We have to cover many other regions and I believe we will do so. Millions will be saved in India. I was able to establish contacts in the heavily populated states of northern India for the step by step, tract and tape outreach India. The central and northern states of India are the most un reached especially in the interior parts, where there are thousands of villages and is heavily populated with people. During the same time two weeks ago I have placed 12 teams of bible college graduates ( each team has 1 bible college graduate and 6 believers ) there assignment is to visit homes with the tracts and tapes.

I will share with you more later.  Thanks  Noah

KENYA - JULY 1, 2007

After I came from the conference last year I introduced the evangelism ideas that I learned to our church with the help of Evangelist Wilfred too and the church picked the teachings and started going out to the people with tracks and tapes too, our church has increased with 100 news members.  Not only that but I released Evangelist Wilfred to our other churches and taught in the 30 churches that we had started and now in one year some individuals have come out with the same methodology and through doing this type of evangelism 22 more churches have been planted. so we have increased from 30 to 52 churches.   You can see how this type of evangelism has affected our net work of churches since I returned home and released Evangelist Wilfred to teach some of the churches in our network.  --Pastor Ben

UGANDA - JULY 4, 2007
regards the report from the island off the coast of Uganda, from the 50,000 tracts we sent there 40,000 tracts were given out and 30,000 souls were converted and came into His kingdom.  We have reached this goal as a result of using the DVDS and Tracts to teach people we are working with, though it has cost us much it is worth it.

RWANDA - JUNE 20, 2007
In January 2006, when I started to use the tapes and tracts, I had 1000 church members.  Now the number has gone from 1,000 to 3,985 members.  I have also planted five churches.  To achieve this growth in the church, we gave out 11,350 tracts and 5,758 tapes.  The tract and tape outreach has worked wonderfully for our ministry
.  --Pastor Danis Manirakiza

MALAWI - APRIL 21, 2007
Since starting up one year ago, we have received 200,000 tracts of which we still have 37,000.  By June or July, I will be empty.  I
will let you know if goes well because team is everyday in offices and homes, even climbing hills seeking for more souls.  What I don't have at present are tapes.  I am completely empty now.  We have used 10,000 tapes since our start-up.  The tracts are more effective now, and more souls are surrendering their lives to Christ.  We have registered over 30,000 souls as of yesterday.  We give all the praise and honor to Him because the harvest is not about us alone but HIS presence in us is our hope of glory.  --Evangelist Lackson Likawa

KENYA - APRIL 20, 2007
I want to thank you
so Much for all your Prayers and support to us, through your ministry we have seen many come to the Kingdom of God, while reaching to them By the tools that you sent to us, this tapes and tracts are very effective in this Last days, and the Gospel Must be preached in different ways and any means, Since we started to use this tools in the year 2005 when God connected us  till today we have 97,968 people give there lifeís to Jesus, and hundreds of people being healed, we have seen broken families come together, as the result of this tools. Many good things have happen for the Glory of God, in Kenya, some even we cant remember and some even we cant write them down, But we thank the Lord so Much for all this, and this far that he has brought us, we are seeing his victory every single minute. First times when I started Ministry in Kenya,  men of God did not like this Kind of Evangelism, they really discouraged me and the team, But as they saw what the Lord was doing they were happy and happy about 6thisd in the remote Places, and they were interested to have this tools, and they are faithfully Because they are using them the way we do Direct them. We started Going to remote Places where the TV signal cant reach, and we put a projector and screen the Program, while having like 40-90 pastors attending the program, and through this many pastors were touched By the program, and liked to be part of what we are doing, Now we do sent them the Tapes and tracts, and we have seen there churches grow every time they are out to use this. This style of using the DVDs its very effective as well, it has great impact, at this point we are requesting you help us with More DVDs so that the team can be reaching More people, Ben gave us the Projector, but Now we are desperately in need of a small car that Can help us reach these people where they are so that we may make more army to work with us, some of this Places there is no even a phone network signal so the best way to communicate with this people Its Just to come to them, But sometimes we get this Difficult because we lack the Transportation to this Places. Please keep on Praying about this.  --Evangelist Wilfred Andabwa

People are getting saved in Lugolole, Mayuge District situation in the eastern part of Uganda, 82 kilometers from the capital city of Kampala (a one and a half hour drive).  It has spread to the districts of Jinja, Mayuge, Kaliro, Bugiri, and as far as the Islands of Sigulu in Lake Victoria.  This Tape and Tract Outreach is headed by Pastor David Tusubira, assited by a team of other reputable pastors and minister.
Preaching the Gospel had become rather difficult in our communities.  The process was so slow and uncapturing.  We desperately needed a new approach.  Thank God for Step By Step Ministries.  They brought a new approach that improved on the usual way of evangelism, which was only the oral transmission.
People became more receptive whenever we approached them with tracts and tapes.  I have myself baptized over 200 converts and even more converts have been baptized by co-ministers.  They now testify of the rapid growth caused by the tapes and tracts ministry.  These have been very powerful and anointed tools in our ministry.
Our followup team gave a report of more than 1700 souls who were converted within a period of one and a half years.  This portrays tremendous soul-winning as compared to the past years, where we only used the oral transmission approach.
Miracles, signs and wonders, and restoration of relationships like broken marriages are taking place.  The message, "Do You Ever Feel Like There Is Something Missing In Your Life?" has been a life-changing and powerful message.  Tape and Tract Ministry has caused the revival of team work amongst pastors and ministers.  We now come together and work as a team as we witness the rapid growth in soul winning which could have otherwise been impossible.

MALAWI - JANUARY 17, 20007
The Tape and Tract Ministry is playing a great roll here in Malawi.  Through the use of gospel tracts, a lot of people are coming to the Lord, especially when we have door to door outreaches, prison visitations, hospital visitations, market preaching, and street evangelism.  Using tracts has drawn a number of sinners and backsliders to the Lord because we have also been making followup visits.  Through the use of tracts and tapes, we have received a lot of testimonies of what God is graciously doing in families and lives.  The tapes and tracts have assisted in opening more church branches in our natoin.  It is for this reason that we are encouraged and prompted to translate these tracts into many languages.

From 1999 to 2004, our team worked diligently and reached 400 souls.  We started using tracts and cassette tapes in 2005.  In 2005, our team won 7,000 souls to Christ in Pakistan.  From January to September 2006, our team won 11,000 souls to Christ.  This is the same church and the same people doing the work.  The difference is we have now God ordained tools!  --Pastor Naomi Sadiq

Our workers in the Dominican Republic are more joyful when using this new way of fishing (using tracts and tapes to reach the lost.)  During our first month of operation (August 2006), we won 46 souls to the Lord using tracts and tapes and planted a new church.  --Pastor Paul Serge

I have been preaching the two messages from the outreach tape, "Are You A Good Person?" and "Do You Ever Feel Like There Is Something Missing in Your Life?"  It is the best evangelism message that someone can preach.  I preached to 9,600 people for three days, and 5,960 gave their life to Jesus.  --Evangelist Wilfred Andabwa

I thank you for your testimonies and I take this opportunity to give you also mine.  Before to receive Jesus Christ in my life, I was born in very Christian family, but I never knew the Lord Jesus.  I use to attend the church with my parents but I was a sinner, I liked drinks, prostitution so much.  So, one day, my colleague told me about the Savior Jesus Christ, He said if I receive Jesus Christ in my life, all my sins will be forgiven and I will become a new creature.  I accepted and my life has changed now.  Since, I started my work as an Evangelist, I met so many trials because 3 persons only got saved within one year; As I was un happy that many peoples donít accept to receive Jesus Christ, I decided to go to the course of Evangelist.  Then, when I was an internet making some research where I can make that course, I found your website and I directly write to you.  Fortunately, you answered me and you make me to continue my work as an Evangelist.  Your tapes helped me a lot especially about your testimonies and it surprised me to see how people get saved in a few days only after receiving your tapes; because through them, it was very simple to reach some one after hearing the tapes.  May God bless you in sending more cassette as it helps me to fulfill my desire.  After I explained to my Pastor all situations, he was so happy to encourage me and he founds that this work is so big, so he looked for some evangelists in our local church to help me in the future work of Kingdom of Jesus.  We are ready to preach allover the country using your tapes, even to travel in neighbor countries.  Following to a Sunday meeting I had with my Pastor, after showing him the results of your tapes he advise me to ask you if itís possible to start your ministries here in Rwanda because we found that this vision of using tapes is a new vision to us and it works very well.  Now I want to show you the results of the work:

- In 32 tapes, 15 persons was saved.
- In our country, we use three languages:  Kinyarwanda (local language), French, and English.

The problem I met is that all tapes was in English language if possible try to translate a half of them in French language and in Kinyarwanda language.  Please send us more books and other tapes to help Christians.  --Jerry Musafiri  



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