The International Gathering Ended With The Breaking Of Bread At The Barbarossa's Home.    
Sunday after noon at 4 pm, as led by the Holy Spirit we invited about 40 people that attended the International Gathering to our house for a meal.
We had people share after the meal anything God did during the International Gathering. Lots of testimonies came forth.
Towards the end one person said “I  have never been to anything like this.  I mean you get invited to dinner and get served at the International Gathering host's home.

I feel so welcome and so at home here. I feel like I am with family!  This is just like  a " Family Reunion."

The room broke out in a loud applause with hands clapping.  Several people said, “ I feel that way too!  I can't wait to do this again !! "

Email from a Couple that attended the dinner:
Hi Jim & Carla,
We so enjoyed our time at your home last night! You are amazing at connecting people - the best I've ever seen. God bless you as you continue to follow God and bring His people together. The services were wonderful and God's anointing is all over what you're doing. It will be a delight to see where He goes from here and where you end up taking the next conference. I hope we can join you at more of them in the future - wherever they might be.
Cliff and Donna

Email from dinner guest from Mexico :
Good night dear  Jim and Carla
I really appreciated that you encourage me to be in the unity call. It was just great !  More then  I was expecting.
After the conference I was feeling that the LORD was not finish
yet.  When I saw all our brothers and sisters at your home for dinner  I understood the more,  was this night .
I felt  God's  presence in your home just as I did at the conference .
I could see that the UNITY call was real, as we shared the dinner in your home , as a family , just as the Lord would have . 
The breath of God's love was in the atmosphere ! We had fun,  peace and joy like one body with the one  head, Christ Jesus.
After dinner as everyone shared it was  just great to see how the LORD spoke to all of us in different way.
I believe the fire and passion for unity will now spread around the world !
As you send teams to host  International Gatherings in  Africa, USA, Mexico and other nations the call of the shofar for unity will be heard around the world !!
I feel very proud to be part of your precious family
Thanks a lot my dear friend and brother in CHRIST

Email from a dinner guest from Illinois :
Hi Jim and Carla
There was a sense of family, more than just community, among a large number of participants.
Whether you saw other conference members at the hotel, a restaurant, or even at a gas station, there was always a very heart-felt greeting.
I've been through seasons where this didn't even happen in a church body, where people have known one another for many years.
Other than possibly a handful of weekend youth lock-in retreats I attended and spoke at in the late '80s, I've never seen its equal.

You guys are such an immense blessing, I cannot put it into words.
I cannot thank you enough just for what you have done in my life, and I know that is just a drop in the ocean of your work.
There is a massive "Family" anointing on everything you do, community is built faster and deeper than I have ever seen.
I pray God will continue to mightily bless you in all you do, and pray you will call on me if you ever have need.

 I will drop everything and come stand by your side, lock elbows with you, and press in to bring the Kingdom forth!!


In Service of the King,

Email from an International Gathering Guest from New York :

I’m going to sit down this weekend to gather my thoughts and send them to your email.
Les and I felt before we came to your gathering that Abba was going to do something big, but nothing prepared us for the things that happened at this
gathering and immediately afterward as we were heading to the airport. There was just too much and I don’t want to leave anything out and
I’m still reeling from all of it. Talk about sensory overload.



Email from an International Gathering Guest from Lebanon Indiana
Shalom Jim,

Where do I begin...  First let me say thank you for your obedience to God in answering His call to unity at this hour.  During this gathering I can tell you that the fire of God truly fell on me and I will never be the same again.  There were things in my soul that got burned out that I wasn't even aware of that were there!  I was awakened afresh and aflame for His Kingdom...  It's all about Him...  It's not about me or my gifts or my call or who I am in Christ even.  All that is well and good but I must confess and repent as a leader in the Body that I was focusing on the wrong things..  It's not about who we are.. it's about Who He IS.
Your testimony of how you were led by the Spirit to study unity shortly after you were saved touched me because that same thing happened to me.  I was born again and radically converted while I was incarcerated serving a 4 year sentence.  It was there that God spoke to me about alignment and order and unity in His Body.  I studied and became an ordained minister and gave my life to Jesus.  And now, 10 years later I am rediscovering His call to unity and not only that, I am being re-invented and reformed by Him.  God is truly doing a new thing at this hour and it is awesome!!
While in the gathering I saw the power of His presence working a purity in the hearts of His sons and daughters.  I can only share my testimony so I can tell you.. my heart was purified by Holy FIRE.  The blessing promised in Psalm 133 came to pass for me.  Everything that was off-course and misaligned has been made straight in me..  Whew!  To God be the GLORY!!

I am a shofar blower so I received prayer from your spiritual son, Ron and his wife, and I can tell you that it was a powerful prayer!  During this prayer I was transported in the Spirit and I saw eternity and the heart of God and a great anointing of purity, healing and peace fell upon me...  I was set free on a whole other level...  God messed me up amen!  I'm still processing it really.. and can't really put it into words..  It was awesome! 

When I saw the picture of the flame, that was on Pastor Mike's ipad, what came to me was, first, the flame was coming from one of the shofars as it was being sounded. 
 Then I noticed from what direction this flame appeared to come from and I recalled that the two Jewish men were standing in that area and I immediately thought of the two witnesses spoken of in Revelation 11..  For it says that 'fire proceeds from their mouths and devours their enemies.'  I believe that God devoured our enemies through His fire this past weekend amen.

During the gathering Bishop Ben came to me and introduced himself and shared with me.  He invited me and my pastor to Kenya and that was a divine connection I'm sure :)  Our church is big on missions so I don't think this was a coincidence, praise God.

I was encouraged by everything you and Pastor Mike shared under the anointing because everything you both said is exactly what the LORD has been sharing through myself and my Pastor,  at this hour.  Our church is young and just getting started and tools you are giving at this hour are right on time!  Thank you!  

YES!  I would love to have a gathering like this in our city!  I haven't asked my pastor yet but I'm gonna take a leap of faith and say that we'd be honored to have you come and host such a gathering!  I appreciate your ministry and look forward to gleaning more from you.  And I am taking this fresh flame into my area of influence for the advancement of His Kingdom.  I started using your tools right after the meeting as led by the Spirit.  God impressed on me to leave the book, Inmate to Inmate, in the hotel room I stayed in.  He said, simply, "leave the book and write inside the cover that I love them."  I know in my heart that this has touched someone!

Every since I met your wife Carla and she told me you had a daughter named Shawna I knew that I would be your daughter as well.  I submit to the authority of God over my life and I submit to you both and look forward to the great things God has in store moving forward.  God bless you man of God!
His Faithful Servant,

Email from an International Gathering  Guest from Aurora,Illinois
Greetings Jim
I would like to thank you for your leadership and anointed gathering.
Praise be to God for uniting so many believer's world wide.
"When the pattern is right, the fire will fall." I think this sets the stage for what we all do as far as followers of Christ as the body of Christ. What I had seen reflects the spirit of the Word given at the gathering. Are we willing to get the pattern right? Presenting ourselves a living sacrifice, the things of the flesh, the divisions, the animosity, etc...
When we die to self and walk in righteousness we walk as children of God, son's and daughter's united in the unity of the faith.
Ester and I had experienced much of what the Lord has shown us since we started on the path to leadership and the Shofar Ministry, the questions of working under the authority and the head of Christ, how to teach effectively by the spirit, by the word of God. The very questions that I had asked the Lord, we're revealed in the protocol. As we Minister the word, and our doctrine of Christ, we should walk unto completion, growing and maturing in faith, in love and understanding, so that we are properly joined together in the fullness of Christ.
The Importance of this gathering is for the equipping of the saint's, the body of Christ is very UN-equipped in these last days, its not about being comfortable in Christ, but being on the footsteps of an awakening everyday. If we are to be the revival in our church's, cities, regions and in the word at large, we must be prepared and ready to fight the good fight of  faith.

What I had seen in the spirit is the remnant church, the mercy fountain and the fire in the hearts of the mighty warriors. "When the pattern is right, the fire will fall." A pattern and order in Gods house, the church is the body of Christ that comes into the building, the Holy Spirit dwelling in you becomes the glue that holds are hearts in unity, bonds us together, until God can bring The Unity of the Faith.
Colossians 3:12-14 "Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. Bear with each other and forgive one another, if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. 14 And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity."

This conference should start in every city in the united states, it should go out into all nations. I liked that the people had the liberty to sound the trumpet, very liberally to a point, which then I liked that you put an authoritative cap on it, asking only to sound in the spirit, and to my surprise, not many sounded. This show's us the flesh and the spirit, and the urgency to teach how to be a proper watchman.

Habakkuk 2:2 "Then the Lord replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.
We see here there is a pattern, we are to be watching, as there are many prophets, we are looking to work within this spirit of prophecy within the body of Christ, flowing together in unity. This is Gods plan, that we may work together in unity, not divided, not on our own but together. Watch in the spirit, see when the worship team is climbing, watch the dancers and see that they are flowing, the flags rippling through the air, pay close attention to the people and how they are reacting to the praise and worship, then call of God. Tokea, should be stealth as a “blaster.” 
The teaching needs to be cultivated in our local churches, when to stand to blow the trumpet, if it be in the spirit by the spirit, you will send all ready to receive right into the spirit with  heavenly worship and praise.
 I cannot express how important this is to the body of Christ. This is our duty as a watchman, this is your responsibility to the people, it is not a glamorous role, it shall not be glorified or be seen as a position of self, but a servant hood to the likes of Elijah.

Thank you for reading this and I appreciate all the Lord is doing in you, so that you may teach and we then teach under the head of Christ. 

I received a prophetic word on Saturday sitting there listening to the lord, I will share it with you. I needed to pray on it before I spoke it, this is for the universal body.
"For you have not been called for a season, but an everlasting season.
In my Glory, without conditions, For I have removed conditions; I have removed what was seen as walls, I have made the way, straight and wide, so that you may bring the first fruits joined in hands, locked in arms.
My gates have been made with one key, the key to my kingdom in my Son, you find freedom; my house has limitless rooms, my house has no walls, my kingdom is yours, forever and ever.
I am the Lord, I am your God, you are my children; now come forth to the wedding banquet and dine with me, eat of me, drink of me, partake on earth as it is in heaven, thy kingdom come, thy will be done. Thus says the Lord.
4/5/2014-Unity Gathering-Indiana
Jeff and Ester

Email from an International Gathering Guest from Fremont ,Ohio

Hi Jim,

My thoughts on the international gathering… my first time for a Unity Gathering (not my first conference)

What I saw…comfortable friendly people (not snobbish) who gathered together to advance Gods Kingdom and not their own. I felt welcomed, although I didn't actually meet a lot of people. I did not see anyone pushing or trying to jockey his or her way to get close to you or the pastor. I saw no denominational lines drawn…in fact on the way home we couldn't tell what denomination anybody was and didn't care. I saw anointed dance that flowed in the spirit as they danced unto the Lord and completely shattered my preconceived ideas.

What I experienced and perceived in the spirit…freedom of worship was refreshing and so needed. Church had become so drab and mundane around here, so we stopped going because we couldn't find a church where the spirit was moving at all. They are mostly Ichabod (the glory has left), as they are dead and they go on as if all is well, and the stench of that nauseates me.  

 How has it encouraged me or helped me… I've been in a spiritual cave for a long time and this international gathering has lifted my wounded spirit and poured the balm of Gilead into those wounds and refreshed me to get back in the fight…every good warrior has scars right? I’m up and moving forward with a harvesting tool (don’t have it yet, but am looking forward to the day I do) that seems so simple in its ability to be the ice breaker for speaking Gods truths to strangers.

Having never seen a Shofar before, I would like to have had left the gathering with a better understanding of the different notes that flowed and their significance in spiritual warfare. We met a couple that told us different sounds had different significance, which left us puzzled. I have not yet read the material you were so generous to give us at your house after the gathering, which may give me a better understanding of the Shofar.

I feel good about the gathering and would go to more and will encourage others to go also. Yes, I feel our city needs something like this…perhaps the Macedonian call will go out from here someday.

Jim, I want to thank you and Carla for being obedient to the Spirit and for being so willing to help.  Be encouraged Brother, you’re doing a fine job and tell Carla I said Hello.

We Love you.



Email from an International Gathering Guest from Fremont Ohio

Hi Jim,

My husband and I came to the gathering timid and skeptical from a past that had gone awry. Upon the very first service we knew the Holy Spirit was with you and the congregation. We experienced people who loved the Lord and just wanted Him to move any way He deemed necessary—which in turn broke every barrier and wall we had ever known. The Holy Spirit moved in ways we have longed to see, bringing us the much needed rejuvenation of our spirits.

 It was refreshing to see The Five Fold Ministering gifts flow seamlessly from one person to the next, with no thought of self to get in the way; this happened from one meeting to the next, even in between services with the comradely among the people.

God confirmed dreams and promises that were long forgotten, and if not forgotten, they surely had been laid down by our despair.  But not today brother! We have been made new and for the first time in so long, if ever, I feel made whole; I feel like I could conquer the world (okay, not really me, but the Lord in me), and definitely my flesh, as well as my past, can now be overcome.  

In this area there are a vast amount of people who are crying out to God, where is He, and why can they not see Him; this was my husband and I before the gathering. However, after attending your meetings, we are now more than willing to allow God to answer through us, if need be.

Leaving the gathering left us with a new sense of purpose, which is one that is willing to run fearless through enemy territory and pluck out those who are being held captive by him, at any cost to us.

This gathering gave us strength and hope, which reinforces the necessity of a Five Fold diet and the benefit this complete diet has. People in this area are hungry and malnourished from the one sided diet they have been fed, and most have never experienced a complete Five Fold meal at all, and therefore they are too weak to run the race or fight the good fight of faith—which had been us. But now, we are well nourished and ready to run that very race, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against us!

Yes, this needs to be brought into the Northwest Ohio region. Our plan is to seek God as to how we should permeate the area with the knowledge gained from the gathering. A long time ago the Lord told my husband: “I am giving you the city of Clyde”, therefore, because we attended the gathering, we now have the tools to do this great work. We plan on fasting and praying concerning what is next, as I do have a stirring in my spirit, but time constraints on my schedule have not afforded me the opportunity to get a clear picture from the Lord as of yet.

We have not attended any form of a church gathering in 2+ years. We have met with our elders and others for prayer, Bible study, and communion; however, we have not actually gone anywhere regularly. That being said, I am not sure at the moment if we should by-pass the area churches and start afresh, or if we should attempt getting them on board and have a blowout service to break the walls of denomination—which is the better of the two, that is, if they get on board with it; last time this was attempted they all wanted to be in charge of their own ideas, hence the name Ichabod. It is because we have no church home that we question what next. Essentially, we have nowhere to hold a service.

 We do pray for the Lord to lead you our way, if not in person, then perhaps in wisdom and council. God is going to have his way in this area; we declare that this minute and forevermore. Amen and Amen.

Take care and God bless both you and your wife,




Email from an International Gathering Guest from Munster ,Indiana
Hi Jim and Carla
It was a Holy Spirit led Gathering ! It  was so wonderful to be a part of it. Wow. God is awesome. Thanks for being God's man and woman !

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Email from an International Gathering Guest from New York :
It was truly an anointed time. A moved time.  From the moment Les and I heard about your gathering the Ruach(Spirit) quickened in us both. Telling us that this was to be a once in a lifetime event. A very important event. We both felt that Abba was going to show up in a big way. To use Les’ words we were not going to leave the gathering the same as we arrived. We both met up with attacks Les financially, and myself spiritually right up until the the time we arrived in Chicago. Les recently lost his job. My co-worker resigned leaving me to do what is really a job for three people and my flight was delayed 3 hours leaving New York. 
With all things we determined to keep our appointment with GOD. From first night we until we left we were blessed. So many warm and wonderful servants of the LORD we met at your gathering. Brother Prim from Pakistan, broke bread with us after the service bringing in the Shabbat with us. I had bought a loaf of Challah earlier that day along with grape juice intending to bring in the Shabbat with Les. It was an unexpected and a blessing for both Les and I to share our meal with brother Prim, who had traveled to the gathering with little money trusting that the LORD would provide for His needs. Happy were we to be used by Abba to meet his need.
We could sense Abba’s involvement throughout the gathering. In the dance ministry, and the praise and worship. During Pastor Marks sermon though, I had the most amazing encounter. As I was listening to Pastor Mark I saw a cloud form above and behind Pastor Mark. It startled me. I tapped Les to see if he too saw what I was seeing. I said to him , “Do you see that cloud of smoke?”. To which, he replied “What smoke? No”. It suddenly dawned on me that I might be seeing the Shekinah cloud. I was in total awe. Sunday I went up to Pastor Mark and told him what I saw. He then showed me a picture that was taken with his phone of what appeared to be a column of flame. He said he thought it must have been a flag. When I it though I immediately though of the Pillar of fire and the Pillar of cloud that accompanied Israel during their departure from Egypt.
All this was very overwhelming. But Abba wasn’t done yet. A sister, I met, her name was Susan dropped a bracelet. She picked it up and handed to me telling me it is a gift for my wife. She saw my King David harp sticking out of my bag, and fell to her knees in tears. She told me and a sister whom she had come with that it was the same instrument she had seen in a heavenly vision in which was playing it.
Sunday. My friend Les said to me we should see if we can print out a copy of the Aaronic blessing in transliterated hebrew from the internet. The LORD had laid on my heart before I left home to print out 3 prayer in transliterated hebrew one of which was the Aaronic blessing.
I asked Pastor Mark if we could this to close the service to which he agreed. Afterward people we had met there came up to us for prayer them. One couple asked us to pray for their granddaughter. Another told us that they saw the love of GOD in us. It was all so strange to us.
Then there was your prayer for my son and the sounding of your shofar. Another brother who had lost his daughter to cancer, when heard my son was sick offered to pray for him. The joyful brother with the silver plated shofar, you introduced, offered to blow his shofar over me. So many blessings.
We didn’t want leave. I felt heartbroken. We felt as though we were leaving family. 
And just when I thought I had seen everything Abba had for me to see, I sat in the car with Les driving us to the airport when as I was gazing out the window, I saw a doe grazing near the highway. I just had to chuckle to myself. I told Les what I had seen. In a field near the city of Chicago a single doe in the most unlikely place. But that is just like Abba. It has been His calling card to me for many years now. Whenever He shows up He follows up with a deer sighting. Never a Buck. Always a doe. Reminds of that song we sang weekend “How deep Your affection for me….Oh!!! How He Loves us…Oh!!! Oh how He loves us”.
Oh! One last thing…..I cried all weekend. The love in my heart for My Abba…I just couldn’t keep my eyes dry.
Well that about covers it Jim. I don’t think I left anything out. Abba’s blessings on you and wife Carla brother. You both have been such a blessing to us for be obedient and bringing us together.
Shalom achi (brother),

Email from an International Gathering Guest from Florida :
Hi Jim Shalom & erev tov.

First sorry I couldn't attend your dinner invitation believe me it was with great regret , but Charles and I had our flights leaving about that time.
I wish to say heavy it was upon our hearts to leave that day it was as if leaving our closest and dearest families behind you and the entire congregation made us feel like real family , there was so much love shared and expressed it made an imprint in ours.
Charles and I each faced so much opposition and attack from HaSatan came at us with ferocity by way of family, health, finances and even transportation , but you know as crazy as this may sound it was a joyful event cause it meant that something awesome was going to happen , something new and change going to happen , that we were going to be transformed to be blessed and to bless others.
An appointed time (Moadym) was scheduled by Adonai, so we had to obey the voice of the  Ruach Hackodesh. As only through obedience and love to Hashem we can be truly be blessed. Not long after our arrival we felt a strong anointing surrounding us the gifts of the Ruach which we had had been heightened or elevated to include our faith      Baruch Hashem!!!!!!!!!!!! the morning of the 4'th we began early prayers seeking the Lords will and blessing over your ministry and the gathering afterwards we went to have breakfast at Denny's of which the staff and services was outstanding Charles and I was there for about an hour we were having light conversation then something beautiful happened I  did not quite expect at that time , The Ruach Hakodesh   quickened/ stirred my to pray for the finances of one of the waitress which was not the one that was tending us another one across the way , so I kindly got her attention and said to her that the Lord had wanted me to pray over financial needs and that he said He has heard her plea for help in the are of financial debt and that He said that she will will receive an check from an unknown individual. Yes you know it she was stunned ; she stated that she had been in prayer for some time and even hour before work about her debts and was openly acceptable to prayer so Charles, the waitress and I held hands came to agreement and prayed.
That evening another such experience occurred this time with Evangelist Brother Prim from Pakistan who lives in Virginia only with much more prophetic utterances to G-d be the Glory!! Oh by the way that poem Pastor Mike made the Lord shared within my heart that was a song to be sung give it to that wonderful sister that sang with such an angelic voice the one who played the guitar to sing it during one of your services that song has an powerful anointing over it.

Your Messianic Jewish brother Les.
Toda raba!

Email from an International Gathering Guest from West Virginia  :
Hello Jim,

I can't help but feel like I missed an additional blessing from my Papa by not joining you and your wife for dinner. I tried calling after the service on Sunday to see if we could come early as we had already checked out of the hotel and had about a 9 hour drive back to Keyser, WV and not to mention that the kids were really restless. I was able to reach Ms. Barbarossa when we were already on the road to let her know we weren't going to be able to make it. 

I will just have to believe that my Papa will give me another opportunity to receive what he had for me and my family. 
I didn't see anything supernatural, but I saw things with my heart , a heart-felt desire to experience Him and a hunger that is somewhat vigilant, almost war-like but rooted in love. 
 God spoke to me through a few people and it was things that I needed clarity on, specifically what God has called me to in this season as well as getting confirmation to go forth in that calling. I was also able to share experiences with a few that encouraged them in their journey in the present.
 For me the importance of this gatherings are reflected in a few things, first my obedience to come and take a chance because I have never done anything like this before. Secondly, to expose myself and my daughters to things outside of our current environment, meeting other people from other geographical areas, ethnic groups, religious affiliations but with one focus in mind and that is to Worship and awesome and all powerful God in the name of Jesus and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Thirdly, it was seeing that as Elijah did not consider that God has others just as hungry as you and ready to be used for his glory and to see His will go forth in this earth. 
 I perceived that the gathering was God ordained and that he wanted to do more with us, especially the second session towards the end on Saturday when pastor Mike got the text about the birthing room. Both my daughter and I felt an overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit and it was as if He wanted to take us to another level of unity in His presence (travail). I believe that is one of the areas where we in both our individual and corporate worship need to yield our time to Him, He truly wants to dance with us at his pace not ours (I'm learning that myself).
God was connecting people to help us in our race, whether it's through prayer, resources, or more of a close friendship. I also believe that the gathering was a picture of misfits that God is planning to use for His glory as Pastor Mike said the season of Celebrities are over. It's time to get down to the business of the Father and let His agenda be our agenda as opposed to us fitting Him in our plan. 
A lot was accomplished . A sense of unity, in both the natural and the Spirit. Increased faith, as for those I spoke to there were quite a few that said they had not done anything like this before, so it was somewhat a common theme, which has our Father written all over it. A new level of freedom in both the natural and the Spirit.
The Gathering  increased my faith, it gave me a greater level of boldness, clarity in my call for this season and a snap shot of what's to come and a greater intensity to press forward for the upward call in Christ (the bride).
I would like to see more gatherings like this and one in my area .
Thank you again for your obedience in heeding such an awesome call of the Father to bring unity to the body. That is what drew me to the conference along with the fact that it was not well known people being represented, but a sincere cry of the heart of the Father.

God bless you and your beautiful wife!

Email from an International Gathering Guest from Chesterton, Indiana :

Jim and Carla,

I was so glad to be able to come to the meeting all day Saturday. If I did not have to teach Sunday school, I would have been there for the Sunday service also. I cannot explain what I felt being there with all the Shofar’s blowing. I am craving more of this. The friends I invited felt the same way. One of my hearts desires would be to be able to go to one of these gatherings in another country sometime. Thank you so much for being obedient to the Lord and having this gathering.


Email from an International Gathering  Guest from South Carolina :
  Dear Jim and Carla,
   Greetings in the name of our Lord! We arrived home in South Carolina approx. 6:30pm on Tuesday. We were so wound up that we decided to wait until today to send our E-mail. God was moving from the very moment we decided to attend. He provided the funds ENTIRELY, and they came from an unexpected source!!
We faced a few challenges on the way, including a severe rain storm, with flooding, but the Lord brought us through them all!
   We came expecting God to move in a mighty way and HE DID!! We are still trying to take it all in, but we will do our best to share what impacted us the most. The worship was powerful especially the sounding of all the shofars! Roger said it sounded like one Great Shofar being sounded in the Heavenly realm! What touched me the most was the participation of the youth, especially with Carla's AWESOME dance team. Also, the
little 2yr. old girl who was dancing and waving flags. I could feel God smiling!
    The messages were powerful and really brought home the idea of unity, especially OUR part in it as individuals in obedience to God. It goes along with messages our Pastor has been preaching. We are hoping to instill the urgency in our church family and get us moving toward a possible gathering in our city!
    It was amazing how people from all walks of life and all over the country and WORLD could come together so easily and freely in such a short time. We BONDED in a way we still can't express!
    The main impact for us personally was being invited to your home to have dinner and fellowship with our new family.

You and Carla, are such gracious people and made us feel at home and at ease. To sit at your table was how we would envision sitting at God's table in Heaven! As one person aptly put it, it was a "Family Reunion",  yet we had all just met a day or two or even minutes before!

The sharing time was very special and the prayer that followed was POWERFUL!! I don't think ONE person left there the same way they came! I know WE didn't!!
God was present in a life-changing way!!      I know this e-mail is lengthy, but we have another testimony to share that happened on the way home.
Yesterday we stopped in Renfro Valley in Ky to stay over. We had a rough trip so far and needed to rest. We had been looking for a particular fast food and motel and we found them there. We believe now, that God used all the challenges we had, to get us to this place. In the morning Roger sounded the shofar in the motel lot, over the
valley, and we went to a nearby Denny's for breakfast. This was God, because we usually just have coffee and something light and get going. Anyway, while we were eating, Roger said he felt led of the Spirit to ask the manager if he could sound the Shofar over the Restaurant for a blessing. My first reaction was of the flesh(LOL) but I knew he had too.
    She was a Christian, and was not sure what the shofar was, but she was very excited and asked if he could sound it over her also!! So we went out in the parking lot and had church!! Roger sounded it, we prayed for her, and she had a release!
She had several personal problems that she shared, and after we prayed she broke down in tears!. We talked for awhile, exchanged info and I told her to friend request us on face-book. She had been looking for someone to share with. After we got home, I checked facebook and she had sent me a request!! GOD IS AWESOME!!      As the days go by, I am sure more will come to mind, and we will see other fruits from this gathering, but for now we will end this with a big THANK YOU for being obedient to God and letting us all share in it!!

 Love in Christ,
   Roger and Claudia

Email from an International Gathering Guest from Martinsburg ,West Virginia :

Hi, Jim.  I am still processing!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, thank you and Carla for being obedient to God for moving forward in spite of!!

What I saw?  I saw that everyone there, from the youngest to the oldest, was focused on one thing; seeking, praising, and worshipping God.

What I experienced?  I experienced genuine love from everyone!!!  Nothing contrary to God could penetrate the atmosphere that was in the room.  The worship team truly ushered us into God's presence.  Much of the time, I just wanted to kneel down before the Lord.  I am so very glad I did not miss out.  The prophetic utterances and the teachings imparted more understanding of what God is doing, wants to do, and what I must do.  The Shofars are still sounding in my ears.  Everything flowed orderly with NO COMPETITION.  PRAISE THE LORD!!!

The importance of the gathering?  Coming together is an act of obedience; its a mandate!!!  I am more determined to do my part here in Martinsburg, WV.  This must not stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I perceived in the Spirit?  That God is true to His word.  The fire and glory of God came in our presence because we were on one accord.  He is waiting for us to get it together.  I believe He is indeed raising up a remnant who will make "Unity" a PASSION & PRIORITY and who will move forward in spite of.  I also believe God showed me that He is NOT CONCERNED ABOUT NUMBERS.  HE IS WORKING WITH FAITHFUL, SINCERE, AND DETERMINED REMNANTS.  OUT OF THE REMNANTS, THE MASS WILL COME.  I see in the Spirit, a mass of people coming together and taking back their cities.  This WILL HAPPEN; I BELIEVE I WILL SEE IT IN MY LIFETIME.  amen

What was accomplished?  The model for others who are wanting to make a difference in their city/region has been laid before us.  God has raised you up, Jim, to be the present day "John the Baptist".  Your heart is being poured out for God wherever you go.  Be prepared for the many that will seek you and watch you.  We are looking to you....God will give you all the wisdom and strength that  you need!!!!!  I have been so encouraged.  When I receive the DVD's I plan to have some teaching sessions in my home.  All that was accomplished has yet to manifest.  Each day, something will unfold or rise up within those that were there.  I will gladly make the trip again!!!!!!  If our brother from Mexico can go 40 hours, I certainly can go 11 hours.  amen

How it may have encouraged or helped me?  I have mentioned above how I am determined more than ever to not stop praying and I will continue to have the City-Wide Church Gatherings each month, no matter how many come....I know I can't stop until God is finished with me/us.  I have an assignment!!!

God's blessings to you and Carla,

Email from an International Gathering Guest from Oregon  :

God bless you Jim and Carla, 

The conf. was amazing from the get-go. I had never heard that many shofars sound at one time. It seemed to open my spirit to all that was going to happen over the weekend. Getting the pattern right, and hearing what the Spirit is saying is going to change the heart of our country.

Pastor Mike talking on us being in birth pains struggling to give birth to this next move of God. An the in action that seems all around, spoke to me of the Ladiocea church. This weekend opened my heart to the other side when Mike said take the city and the souls will come.

It was also great to hear the art of protocol  in the body for the shofar and all the gifts, for we are harvesters an we need tools.

One of the best things was the idea that the church comes into the building the building is not the church!!!!!

Last thing I have been blowing the shofar at the gates of my city McMinnville Oregon for at least 4 years  what the Spirit opened up was now is the time to take the Ruach of God to the center of the city and work out to the gates HALLELUJAH!!!!!!

One last thing, really, prayerfully consider Oregon for your west coast stop.

Also the prophetic dance was amazing. 


Email from an International Gathering Guest from Whiting Indiana :

Hi Jim and Carla,
First, I would like to thank you again for all that you do for the body of Christ.
You and Carla are down to earth people that love the Lord and your actions show it.
For me, your teaching on the shofar brought clarity and understanding.
The unity at the conference and at your home was heartfelt.
It was a sense of belonging and feelings of acceptance from everyone there.
From the praise and worship, Carla and the dancers to teachings and activations, it was a power packed time in the Lord!!
Would love to see more of these conferences.

God Bless you both.

Email from an International Gathering Guest from Frankfort Indiana :

With regards to my thoughts of the conference, let me first echo some others by saying thank you to you and Carla for your obedience and humbleness.  I was over whelmed! The presence of God was so very heavy during that weekend! I saw a body of believers who were hungry for more and our Heavenly Father showed up and showed out. I believe many received Mantles and fresh anointing . I perceived barriers were torn down and a higher elevation was brought forth in the spirit.  A whole lot of fires were lit anew and afresh.  I'm praying that it will be birthed in every city across the world!  Also for the courage of every leader to be BOLD and call it forth! There were many divine connections that we encountered, and over heard many more occurring.  Yours and Carla's vision makes those around you want to come up higher.  The dance was very powerful, it touched several hearts, while they honored Father the Holy Spirit moved.



Email from an International Gathering Guest from Virginia  :

Hi Jim,

Well, I’m finally coming back to normal after travelling and getting through some teachings I had to complete.  Therefore, I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts, per your email, on the international gathering.

First, I’ll start with I’m glad I pressed through the opposition to come.  I’m sure you understand how it feels when you know you’re supposed to be some place; however, towards the “take-off” on the journey, all these little things start happening and you wonder, “God, are You telling me to stay home?”  That’s how I felt the last few days but God prevailed and I obeyed!  And, I’m so glad I did.

Unity is HUGE ... just HUGE and something that’s been in my spirit since 2008.  Therefore, when I saw this gathering, my spirit leaped! 

What I saw was a coming together of God’s people with the walls of division down and people joining as one unified army.  All for the Kingdom!  A church without walls to reach way beyond what we’ve ever imagined before because it will be a team effort.  An alertness to Kingdom strategies and direction and then, a moving forward.  The gifts of the Kingdom operating together – unified without jealousy.

I experienced another awakening in my spirit.  I felt a charge to get back out there and complete the tasks at hand no matter how big (or small) they may appear.  If God dropped it in our spirit, we have a responsibility to do it – in obedience.  I also experienced (and learned) a lot more about the importance of the shofar.  I’ve always been drawn to it as well as led to blow it at certain times; however, the teaching explained why the drawing and the blowing.  I also experienced a huge wrapping of God's love through worship!

 It was important to have God’s unified army come together on a common mission ... Kingdom building.  Others will come as the church (us) stay united.

I perceived in the spirit that God is doing a new thing.  Do we not know it?  It’s an out of the box thinking for an out of the box God.  If we, the church, can stay unified, we will see change happen in the earth realm and revival like never before.

What was accomplished ? A greater understanding of what God is trying to do across the nation and how we, the church, are important in order for this to be accomplished -- for the Kingdom.

 It encouraged me to stay in worship, stay connected with others in unity, stay on the cutting edge in the Kingdom, and to stay in God’s presence for His strategies in the days to come and then move out with boldness.  It encouraged me to take by force all that God has assigned to our hands to do.

I would you like to see other gatherings like this and I am thinking about two locations.  I’ve been in prayer since returning.  I need to pray over the vision pitched to an Apostle about three years ago, refine as the Spirit leads and then connect with you on what God shared and showed.  I believe it can happen and I believe the time is now.


Email from an International Gathering Guest from Mo. :

My Thoughts on the  international gathering .

I saw a people hungry and thirsty for God and His righteousness, gain a double portion of provision and a Harvester anointing for this hour.  

 I experienced the most glorious time I have ever experienced.  As soon as I entered the building of the City Point Church, I immediately was impacted by the heavy presence of our God. It took everything within me to get to a seat.  His weighty presence of His glory was stronger by the minute during the blowing of the shofars and then He quickly took me up a level in the atmosphere in the Spirit realm and put me on a stretcher (the alter) and I saw angels blowing their shofars all around me as I laid on this stretcher. Then the angel at my head took a vessel filled with oil and saturated my entire being from head to toe.  I then asked the Lord what they were doing. He said they were preparing me for the igniting of His Holy Fire with the anointing oil like unto fuel on hot coals ignites a natural fire.  So very amazing!  So grateful for that experience.  

 I believe the gathering is vitally important in this hour. I truly see it as a huge catalyst for the body of Christ as a whole.  A vessel used to ignite the fire of God.

The perceived  in the Spirit the church rising and taking it's place as the Bride and finally doing her part to bring home the Harvest.

 The Harvester anointing was dispatched and people gathered to pray for creative and innovative ideas for their city. 

 The International Gathering gave us an opportunity to meet members of the body around the globe=divine connections for eternity.  We will stay connected as iron sharpens iron.  We are family.  It was so very beautiful. We will be able to feed ideas off each other and see what works and what doesn't.  Helping each other out in advancing the Kingdom.  That is what it's all about.  So, so very good!

This type of Gathering is  Absolutely, .  Definitely needed  in every city. 

I would  Absolutely like to see a gathering like this in my city !  I believe it is of the upmost importance in this hour.  

Thank you for asking me.  Again, it was an honor and a great pleasure to meet you and some of the team.

Blessings in Jesus' name!




Email from an International Gathering Guest from Wentzville ,Mo :

Wow, so many wonderful experiences in such a brief time, How to put it all into words. 
Overwhelmed by the love present, the revelation of YWYH to all who were there to receive from Jim & Mike as well as the prophetic words given. The power of unity amongst the attendees as we walked in obedience to the leadership of Holy Spirit concerning the use of the Shofar & the freedom to worship in dance.
Welcomed the opportunity to meet new to me family members & establish new friendships with several others I wouldn't have met otherwise including Jim Barbarossa, who  was/is so encouraging & full of great ideas/ways to witness without seeming to do so.
Appreciated the ideas of giving service to the community as a way to witness. & yes, I'd like to see an Unity gathering in this area or for those who are interested in experiencing a Quantum Worship Congress to come join us in June. 
They can get more information @

On a more personal level, I was  blessed to hear directly from Abba concerning  recent events & to gain understanding of my choices on Friday. & then reminded on Saturday, that YWYH adds gifts for our use to glorify & honor him & as a witness to encourage the body & to draw the unsaved to receive life. 
I'm sure I've left out so much more that took place while we were there of what I observed, experienced or encountered, Which I'll archive, broadcast & publish as Holy Spirit reveals/reminds me. 
Praying this is helpful & blesses all who receive it through the blood covered light of truth & holy in Yeshua's name.


Email from an International Gathering Guest from Mo. :

Hi Jim and Carla,

I saw unity and love being shared at the International Gathering.  God's presence was so real. I felt his love for me so strongly all l could do was cry Friday night.

The Holy Spirit spoke through James Saturday night when I went up for prayer Saturday night God wanted to show me what He sees in me. It was so personal it was overwhelming! I am so glad I came. I will never forget this weekend. I will never be the same. Sunday we went to the lake with the shofars, flags and books we got to witness to several people there. We gave the lady at the visitor center a book and as we were leaving she was reading it. People said we had blessed them. Yes I Would you like to see a  gatherings like this ion my city !


Email from an International Gathering Guest from Mo. :

Greetings Jim and Carla ,

I saw unity and freedom throughout the entire conference. I felt the power and presence of God when I first entered the church.

I felt like I was among the "brethren"..the true body of believers!  The praise and worship and preaching was amazing.

I loved the "body" freely moving in the gifts and callings of God and the variety of ministries represented in the gathering.

In the altar services, I drew nearer to the Lord and received new impartation, empowerment, inspiration and confirmation of the things the Lord has for me. After leaving the conference, the group I was with went out blowing our shofars and ministering in the anointing of the Holy was amazing. Many people responded and were ministered to...definitely divine appointments.

I really appreciated the freedom of the spirit in all the services!  I would like to see a unity gathering in my city .


Email from a Live Stream Guest from Australia  :

Shalom Jim,

Thank you for a wonderful Unity Conference. I watched all the videos and teaching on Kingdom Flame. What a beautiful event!

Take care and God Bless.


Email from an International Gathering Guest from Porter Indiana  :


I know this was about unity and outreach but I received
a lot for my own life.

I enjoyed the conference immensely. My eyes were opened to a lot of
things....the weekend started  with me getting an answer to something
I was struggling with by talking to someone from the other side of the
world. Now that person had no idea they helped me but I got it.

I am not accustomed to discerning God's voice and I felt like I was
aware of the spirit moving in me and have continued to feel that way
on a couple of occasions.

I have been struggling so much with my career, if I'm in the right
place, feeling like I've lost love and concern for others, etc. Doing
great until I get to work, then going to the dark side basically, and
feeling guilty and knowing that's not God's will for me.
Anyway I was blessed by sharing that at your house, and by all the
prayer I received.....I went in with a renewed spirit and not only was
I blessed but I know I blessed I'm not saying I didn't go
dark a couple of times, but I felt or heard a nudge or something
reminding me of my mission and it helped.

I really took to heart in Pastor Mike's message about waiting for the
Holy Spirit and how we need to stop waiting because it's already in

Overall, the conference was well put together, awesome organization,
great worship time, for someone like me it was amazing to see the
community of believers come together and just treat each other like



Email from an International Gathering Guest from Portage Indiana  :

 Hi Jim & Carla,
What I perceived in my spirit concerning the Unity Gathering International was 'acceptance In the brethren'.  It rang in my spirit all weekend.  I saw people who did not know each other and who may never have seen each other before being open to greeting each other and genuinely being interested in each other.  It was inspiring to see the joy and camaraderie amongst Christians. 
I personally experienced a greater understanding of City Points vision as Pastor Mike spoke.  I also experienced  meeting a couple from Ohio who I felt was a divine appointment from God. 
As the young man from Mexico's testimony came forth that our borders were closed and the custom officers asked him to blow the shofar I sensed God was using not only the shofar blowing to open the gate for him to enter but had strategically positioned him to blow open the borders of the USA for His divine plan. 
I appreciated your teachings on the shofar, and the clarity you brought forth for blowing under the leading of the spirit and following the visionaries protocol. 

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