Testimonies Wanted!

 Have you been Discipled?

 Would you like to be Discipled?

 Would you like to learn how to lead a Witnessing Life Style?

 Would you like to someday meet a person in Heaven and know that God used you to help them to get there?

 Would you like us to teach you how to lead a Witnessing Life Style?

 If Yes , Prayerfully consider the following:

 Real Life Stories Christian Testimony Books are the most effective

Witnessing and Discipleship Tool for the Market Place and Everyday Life!

The 38 people pictured on the back cover of the book below committed to write their stories to God’s Glory and develop a
Witnessing Life Style by Carrying these books and giving them to people they meet during everyday life.

In addition to the 38 testimonies in each Real Life Stories Lighthouse Edition 3 Christian Testimony
Book there are also pages called Truth. Truth pages are laced between the Stories, after every 4th Testimony!

The Truth pages are the Word of God ! The Truth pages Lead Lost Souls to Jesus!

 The Bible, the Bread of Life is sandwiched between the Testimonies. The Books do not look churchy or religious and people love to receive them. People accept them and read them just for the stories and often find Jesus as they read.

When these 176 page books are given away out in a public setting most people receive them with a smile and
cannot believe someone would give them such a nice gift for Free!

For every 500 books we give to people, only 1 person will refuse to accept the book.

Since Jan 1st, 2016,  “Real Life Stories Lighthouse Edition 3” has been placed in the hands of over
32,000 lost souls inspiring many to commit their lives to Jesus!

Most of these books were distributed by the 38 people pictured on the back cover who had never felt
 comfortable in sharing their faith in a public setting prior to writing their testimonies and being in the book!  

They have learned to lead a Witnessing Life Style and You can to!  

Very soon we will go to print with our newest book “Real Life Stories Lighthouse Edition 7”  giving 21
new people the opportunity to have their testimonies in a book and learn how to lead a Witnessing Lifestyle.

That brings us to YOU and Your opportunity to learn how to lead a Witnessing Life Style!!

We are starting to develop our next book, “Real Life Stories Lighthouse Edition 5” and are looking
for 21 serious minded Christians that would like to be in our next book.  

Could this be You?

If Yes, Please prayerfully read the commitment below and count the cost before saying you want to do this!

My Commitment:

Write my story and email it to you  as word document.

Email my picture to you as a jpeg.

 I agree to carry 2 books in hand every time I leave my home or get out of my car.  I will place these 2 books each day into the hands of the Holy Spirit and allow Him to show me who is ready to receive them. I will do this in the power of the Holy Spirit without stress or fear!  With the Holy Spirit’s help I will average giving away 2 books a day or 60 books a month.

 I agree to purchase 720 copies of “Real Life Stories Lighthouse Edition 7” to use during this 12 months.      

To help you in counting the cost in making this decision, keep in mind that a case of 80 Real Life Stories
 books cost $55 plus shipping. So a 1 year supply of books would cost you $495 plus shipping.

This offer is limited to the first 21 people that apply and are approved!

For more information about Real Life Stories Christian Testimony books go to this link:



If you have any questions or need more information send an email to jim@step-by-step.org or call 219-762-7589.

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Jim and Carla Barbarossa