Supplying  God's army with high quality shofars and prayer shawls in large quantities with low wholesale pricing.

Over the years, Step by Step Outreach Ministries has been blessed to be able to mentor many people to answer the call of the shofar.

Many of the people we have trained are now training others and they have had need of a supplier of high quality shofars at good wholesale prices.

To meet this need to supply shofars to those we have trained, so they can supply shofars to those they are training, Step by Step World Outreach Ministries has started a new Wholesale Shofar and Prayer Shawl Outreach!

Wholesale Shofar and Prayer Shawl Outreach is now providing shofars and prayer shawls to God's End Time Army at a fraction of the normal cost.

For High Quality Shofars and Prayer Shawls with Low Wholesale Prices Click Links Below:

38-40 inch Yemenite Shofar
Prayer Shawl


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