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Testimony :

Hi Jim and Carla

At the unity meeting on Saturday at your  house, we were encouraged to pass out the lighthouse books, so I asked Ron to leave a book display on the backset of my car.

Monday ,I brought 2 books in to the rehab center where the lady that I watch is there.

Tuesday, me and my 2 friends went for lunch at the new IHOP not far from my house. I brought 3 books in with me. While there one of the waitresses came over to our table and saw the book next to me and asked about it, I said you can have it and she said oh, I love to read and I showed the page where my testimony was. A little while later, she came back and asked if I had any more, her co-workers wanted some also. she wasn't even our waitress but came back again and wanted more books, I went out to the car and brought in 10 more. They were so happy to get the books. A little later she came back again, and said the ladies want you to sign the books! She handed me a pen and I just said thank you Jesus! One by one the waitresses came to the table, asking are you Judy, and hugged and thanked me for the books, the manager came and said they had all read my story and one of the girls could relate to the story. Another waitress wanted to know if we sell the books and said we should and I said we do not sell the books, and that our stories are here to help people.

Back at the table, 2 customers were watching all this going on and wanted some books also. So again I went to the car and brought 8 more books in and gave them to the 2 ladies and prayed with them also.

In all 22 books were given out!!

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Jim and Carla Barbarossa