Northwest Indiana / Chicagoland Regional Unity Gatherings Community Outreach


People were totally amazed, even speechless when they came to the yard bargains day and were told that everything was FREE!!

They were also amazed when they asked who was sponsoring this yard bargains day and were told that people from several churches that attend
Regional Unity Gatherings were working together as one body to bless the community.

People were also amazed when donations were offered and none, not one was accepted!  "Freely you have received, freely give."

During this short 7 hour day, we shared the Gospel message with CD's, books, words of love, acts of kindness, listening to hurting peoples needs,
prayer, food and donated items with over 340 people/ families!

God was truly glorified. The needs of many people were met in very practical ways.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at these pictures and allow them to tell you the story of our yard bargains outreach.




























Thank you to every one who donated and helped with the Yard Bargains outreach! It was a great success for the Kingdom of God.  We gave out more than 340
books, we had so many people we ran out of testimony books.   Although it rained all day people came and received free things, food plus 126 people put there
names in for the drawing of a basket filled with gift cards  etc.  When I say it rained, it rained all day, the morning was hot, muggy and raining,  The afternoon the
winds kicked up and the temperature dropped to the 50's and raining.  But people kept coming, so many people that the police showed up.  People were parking
on the wrong side of the road.  The officer was very nice told me he wouldn't even had stopped but a neighbor complained I  offered him a hot dog he refused and
smiled.  So we directed traffic to park on the other side of the road.
Since this was a free event we did not except donations.  What was on mine and Rogers  heart was "God gave to us  freely therefore we are giving freely."  The vision
to give freely was so that people could see and know you can't buy Gods love.  Many people wanted to donate, insisted they wanted to give us something but we did
not except it, I just kept telling them God's love is free.

We had a lady who came to shop very early saw that we didn't have many workers and asked to help she stayed all day.  She is living in a homeless shelter and
she worked side by side with those of us who volunteered to work.  She was able to leave with two bags of things she need and a microwave for another homeless
person who is also in the shelter.   I was told several times she welled up with tears in being overwhelmed with what God was doing at the outreach.
We had opportunities to pray with many people.  One man had just lost his 34 year old son, he was broken with grief we prayed for Gods grace and comfort for him
and his family.  He was amazed that everything was free.
Most people were amazed at every thing being free!  The look on their faces when the heard it was free was fun to watch.
We prayed with several people who had lost love ones and some who had loved ones on their death bed.  It was a divine appointment for these people to received
comfort and love from God through our prayers and hugs.  One women who we prayed for her husband was dying of Emphysema she left with a compression leg
machine which he desperately needed because he has edema in his legs.  She was so thankful.
A lady told one of our workers Her and her mom had just been talking about the shofar and when they heard Jim blowing the shofar it amazed her that she & her
mom had just been talking about it.  Another divine appointment.
Another lady we prayed for her mom is in the nursing home and dying she was grieving, we prayed for her and ministered God's comfort and love.  When I dropped
of the gift basket from the drawing it was her; she lives in another city.
A man told my husband "He has never seen anything like this before, this is awesome."  As he was eating his free hot dog. He was so appreciative and amazed.  
A young women came at the end of the day it was cold and raining and said free hot dogs I've been wanting a hot dog for a while now.   As I served her the hot dog
I found out her sister kept seeing the signs 'Yard Bargains"  and kept asking her to stop, she told her no they had no money, but she insisted because she wanted
to know what "Yard Bargains" meant.  We were closing for the day due to the bad weather and she left with the last of the cooked hot dogs and buns.  
Plus their free bargains!
A lady who was shopping at the Yard bargain heard another lady asking if we had boys clothes which we had run out of, the first lady spoke up and said, "I have a
bag in my trunk of boys clothes that I was taking to goodwill."  God met the lady's need for boys clothes from one of the shoppers.  God blessed both those women.

One of the things that impressed people was the signs.  The man who donated his time & money to make the signs put up 25 signs all over the area and also
committed to taking them down at the end of the day.  They where brightly colored and stated "Yard bargains, Sat, Monnier St." people mentioned how every time
they turned around they would see the signs and just had to come and check it out.
Yes it was hard work but so rewarding to be able to share the Love of Jesus in a practical way!  This outreach took a united effort by everyone involved.  From the
prayerful planning, to all those who donated and worked in many different ways.  I received a text later that evening from one of the volunteers, I responded and
thanked her again for her help and she wrote, "cant wait to do it again."  The joy of giving and sharing God's love was tangible all day, although we all were tired,
and wet we had a experienced a joy that was beyond description.  

Annette & Roger Melton